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The Best RV USA Sticker Maps

The Best RV USA Sticker Maps

If you’re looking for the best RV USA Sticker Maps (50 States), you’re going to love this one stop collection. It’s a mega timesaver.

Plus, if you’re looking for fun stickers for your RV, motorhome, or camper van, I’ve compiled some sweet stickers that will make your rig look fab and stand out in the RV parking lot! You can find those below, too.

My RV Story

My four children and I spent nearly a year visiting all 50 States of the USA. We lived in our 31 foot motorhome.

I remember spending a few hours searching for the “perfect” USA sticker map to go on the side of the RV.

The 50 States sticker map was one of the first things I bought for our adventure! I was so excited to place the USA sticker map side of our motorhome. Of course, the kids couldn’t wait to start filling it in with stickers! our 50 States RV Tour.

After you’ve browsed the best RV USA Stickers, be sure to read the full scoop on my 50 States USA Tour in 50 State RV Tour – Solo Mom Travel.

best 50 states rv sticker maps

The Big Question: When Do You Get to Claim a “State” Sticker on Your RV Map?

As a warning, I’m going to tell you…

Finding the right USA sticker map for your recreational vehicle or home on wheels is only the start of the map fun decision making and adventure. I’m not kidding, the USA Sticker map is a conversation starter!

Once you get the map, you’re probably going to encounter the age old sticker map question: when is it fair game to claim a state and affix a sticker to your camper?

In other words, when have you “earned” a state sticker? When can you put it on your map?

I’ve heard of family arguments and heated discussions among RVers about the “appropriate” time to claim your state. 😉 You’ll have to come up with your own rules.

For example… Does a sticker get applied when you:

  • Cross into the new state?
  • Physically put your two feet on the ground (or when everyone in your RV steps outside the rig and stands outside)?
  • Visit a key landmark in the state?
  • Leave the state?

See, what I mean? Fun times and big decisions await your sticker adventure!

This Compilation of USA Stickers for Your RV, Camper Van or Motorhome will Save You Hours of Research

1. RV USA Sticker Map – Beautiful State Illustrations (two sizes – 19 x 13 inches or 21 x 14.5 inches)

This super popular USA sticker map is made of high quality vinyl and will look great on your epic roadtrip adventure! Both adults and kids will love putting on each sticker when you make it to each state!

2. RV USA Sticker Map – State Names Labeled in Bold Text (21 x 15 inches)

If you want a map with the name of each USA State written on each sticker, go for this sticker map. It’s designed with quality vinyl for RVs and motorhomes. It’s supposed to stand up well in the weather.

3. RV USA Sticker Map – State Flags (11×17 inches)

If you’re looking for a USA Sticker Map for your RV, Camper Van, Fifth Wheel, or Travel Trailer, this map sticker features state flags – symbols. It’s printed in the USA and features stickers that are supposed to last!

4. RV USA Sticker Map – State Names and State License Plate Graphics Combo (20.5 x 14 inches)

This is my USA Sticker Map pick! It’s the map I completed! LOVE, love, love it and the memories associated with it! Great quality. Sticky adhesive.

Other Fun RV and Camper Van Stickers

1. Classic Surf Van – VW Vanagon Sticker (5 x 2.73 inches)

Sure, this classic surfer camper van will look cute on your laptop, BUT it will look even better affixed to your RV or Camper van. Designed to hold up to the weather. SUPER Cute!!! And perfect for setting the travel adventure vibe. If you’re a digital nomad living the #vanlife, get this for sure!

2. Van Life, Baby – The Mountains are Calling!

If you love the mountains and adventure, plaster this sticker on your camper van, RV, motorhome, or travel trailer!

How to Affix Your USA Sticker Map or RV Stickers

When your stickers arrive, be sure to read any accompanying instructors for sticker placement. For example, you’ll most likely want to wipe the surface clean. After that, you’ll want to make sure it’s completely dry before you apply your brand new USA Sticker Map.

Keep in mind, some stickers are removable. Some are temporary. Some are magnetic. Other USA sticker maps and stickers for your vehicle are permanent. The adhesive is meant to stick for life! Plus, if your sticker map is in the sun, it’s likely the stickers will bake onto your vehicle for added permanence!


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the best usa sticker maps for your rv camper van or travel trailer

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