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Hi, I’m Julie. I’m a travel blogger. I live the travel lifestyle with my four awesome unschooled, worldschooling children in tow. I can help you discover how to create your dream travel lifestyle.

Wanderschool features hundreds of blog posts with ideas and resources to help support your journey in becoming a digital nomad, worldschooling or homeschooling family, solo traveler (with or without kids), or find adventure off the beaten path.

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My Travel Story

I didn’t grow up traveling. Or homeschooling. But I knew I wanted an adventurous life. And when I had children, I knew I wanted them to grow up soaking up travel and adventure, too.

I’ve been living a travel lifestyle, including homeschooling, unschooling, worldschooling, roadschooling, and solo traveling with my four children for nearly two decades. Traveling with my children in tow is easily the most enriching, inspiring, educational, and most meaning experience of my life. Raising my children in cities, country villages, in different countries and continents on planes, trains, and buses, studying and working in coffee shops, has taught me so much about myself, my children, others, cultures–and life. 

I can only hope that some of the content on my blog will inspire you to find the tools and resources you need to live your own beautiful travel story. 

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The World as the Ultimate Classroom.

Worldschooling, Homeschooling on the go, Roadschooling, Unschooling, Coffeeshopschooling…

Whatever you choose to call it, the world is the ultimate classroom and the travel lifestyle offers endless educational opportunities for children. 

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