ultimate guide to rv and camper van living lifestyle

The Ultimate Guide to RV and Camper Van Full-Time Living

If you’re dreaming about the full-time RV or Camper Van Life, you’re going to LOVE this ultimate guide to RV and Camper Van Full-Time Living.

People who have made the jump from ordinary living into the RV or Camper Van life already know that anyone can make the leap into this lifestyle. Anyone can live this extraordinary, unbelievable RV or Camper Van, full-time travel and work anywhere lifestyle.

Even you! Yes, YOU!

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Don’t Settle, Don’t Accept Feeling Stuck

If you feel like you’re stuck in life, in a life rut, suck in your living or work situation, too settled in a life that doesn’t excite you everyday, is missing meaning, excitement, or adventure, the RV lifestyle might be your ticket to change, freedom, and getting unstuck!

Questions About RV Living and Lifestyle? Begin Here.

Ultimate Guide to RV & Camper Life Full-Time Living

A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started on the Full-Time Travel, Work & Roadschool Lifestyle

10+ Ways to Live in Your RV for Free (or Nearly Free)

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No rent. No mortgage.
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I know, the idea of starting out on an epic dream of the RV lifestyle may sound daunting. It may feel overwhelming. Even scary.

It surely will seem that way to most people when you mention your RV dream.

But what’s that saying? If something is too easy, it’s probably not worth it?

It’s worth it.

From my own experience, solo RVing with my four children, I can not only say that pursuing the RV dream was worth it for me, but that it has been one of the best and most defining experiences of my life.

Planning the lifestyle was exciting and overwhelming at times, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

It’s my hope that this guide, FAQs & links in this Ultimate Guide to RV and Camper Van Full-Time Living will give you information, support, and confidence to get started on your own ultimate, epic RV life adventure.

When you’re done sifting through the resources in this guide, you can also learn a lot more about my own RV adventures, like Boondocking at Walmart, and Roadschooling on my blog, Wanderschool.

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FAQs About the RV and Camper Life Lifestyle

Don’t I have to be rich or retired to live the RV Lifestyle?

No! You don’t have to be rich or retired to live the RV lifestyle. Many individuals, couples, and families have made the RV lifestyle their way of life. Some have discovered that RV living is actually cheaper than renting or paying a monthly mortgage.

How do I earn a living or make money while on the road?

There are many ways to earn a living while living the full-time lifestyle, from travel nursing to the digital nomad lifestyle, just for starters.

Should I buy a used RV or Camper Van?

Buying a used RV or camper van can be an awesome way to save cash or keep monthly rv payments low (if you require a loan). There are important things to consider when buying any RV/Motorhome/Camper Van, especially when you buy a used one. It’s also wise to consider getting an independent opinion about the RV, such as through an RV inspector. For example, you’ll want to check for roof leaks, mold, tire condition, system functioning, and electrical wiring, among others.

You might find the book Buying a Used Motorhome – How to get the most for your money and not get burned useful. If you’re a solo woman headed to the RV lot, I encourage you to read about my experience in Adventures in RV Shopping.

I have children. Can I RV with my family?

Absolutely. The RV lifestyle makes a pretty awesome life adventure and story with children in tow.

What’s roadschooling?

Roadschooling is homeschooling on the road. You can learn more about how to Roadschool and Homeschool your kids while living the full-time lifestyle on my blog, Wanderschool. You can also start here and read some of my popular posts about roadschooling. You might find this mother and son’s guide to roadschooling book helpful.

What special equipment or gadgets do I need to live in an RV?

The RV lifestyle allows you to live cheaply or extravagantly. There are many cool gadgets you can buy for your RV for fun or added comfort. There are some gadgets that are essential, such as for safety, and should be considered by every budget. You can learn about my picks at 10+ Gadgets and Gear for Your RV.

How do I maximize space in my RV?

If you’re RV living with children, pets, or another person, you’ll quickly discover how important it is to maximize your RV living space. You can read my #1 Secret to Maximizing RV space in How to Maximize Small RV Living Space.

Is it possible to camp for free in an RV?

Definitely! Check out my very popular post 10+ Ways to Live for Free (or Nearly Free) in Your RV or Camper Van.

How much does it cost each month to live in an RV?

This varies big time. It depends on lifestyle. Some people live in an RV for far less than they ever did renting or owning a house or apartment. It depends on where you camp, how frequently you are traveling (i.e. relocating and moving place to place). It depends on how often you eat out or go to tourist attractions–or go to coffee shops.

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