why you need a homeschooling coach and benefits of homeschool coaches

How a Homeschool Coach Can Help Make Homeschooling Better

If you want to improve your homeschooling experience, a homeschool coach can make your life SO much better.

Honestly, a coach in general can help you tremendously. Whether that’s a fitness coach, mindset or business coach, or a coach to help you with your homeschool journey.

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My Homeschool Coach Story

When I started homeschooling my children, well over a decade ago, I could have used a homeschool coach. I don’t even think they existed then. In fact, back then, the field of life or mindset coaching was still quite an emerging field.

There were many times I felt so stuck, especially in the beginning. And so alone. So many, many, many times over the years. Sometimes to the point of tears.

You can read more about those tears in You’re Not Alone Mama.

When I started homeschooling my four children, I tried to recreate the classroom at home in those early months. That was a disaster. In time, I would learn that unschooling, worldschooling, and roadschooling my children was the PERFECT fit for my personality, for my children, and for my whole family. After all, a happy homeschooling mom makes for a kick a$s, no limits, happy family.

It took me working with my own business coach for my entrepreneurial adventures to learn more about the magic of coaching. The coaching experience for me was truly transformational.

I now coach others and help them get unstuck and transform their lives. And homeschool journeys.

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If you want to improve your homeschool, find more happiness in your homeschooling journey, figure out a way to unschool, travel the world with kids in tow, or become a digital nomad family, I’d love to work with you. Follow me on Instagram and send me a message.

What is a homeschool coach?

There are a lot of coaches out there these days, so let’s first dive into what a homeschool coach is and what a homeschooling coach isn’t.

A homeschool coach is someone who specializes in helping homeschooling parents, guardians, or families on their journey. Think life coach with a unique homeschool perspective. In short, a homeschool coach can help you get clear on your homeschool and personal goals, identify hurdles or obstacles standing in your way from success, and help you see your options or create strategies for success.

Ultimately, working with a homeschool coach can help you find greater joy and fulfillment in your day-to-day life as a homeschooling parent.

What Homeschooling Coaches Aren’t

Homeschooling coaches are trained professionals, typically by a combination of experience and education. However, there is no one-size-fits all rule or list of credentials for what makes a coach. Or a good one.

Additionally, coaches are not psychologists. Sure, some coaches are psychologists or have counseling backgrounds, too, but not all do. Accordingly, coaches focus on helping you identify your goals, obstacles, and options. They don’t diagnose or treat mental health issues.

I think of coaching as helping you get unstuck and get clear with your goals.

How a Homeschool Coach Can Help You

Working with a homeschool coach can help you beyond your wildest imagination. Here are some of the benefits and ways a homeschool coach can help you find more joy, happiness, or possibility with your homeschool:

  • Get Unstuck
  • Clarify your homeschool goals
  • Discover the mindset you need to teach without losing your mind
  • Better understanding of how to meet your children’s needs
  • Create a more peaceful homeschool household and experience
  • Identify what’s sucking the joy out of your homeschool family life
  • Improve your connection with your homeschoolers
  • Discover your options for improving your homeschool mindset + homeschooling experience
  • Map a strategy to start unschooling, worldschooling, roadschooling
  • Figure out the possibilities for creating a travel life with children in tow
  • Learn how to become a digital nomad family
  • Discover how to work, school, life anywhere
  • Map out ideas for living, working, or schooling abroad
  • Help you figure out how to solve your curriculum, planning, or reporting requirements overwhelm
  • Learn how to better handle pressure
  • Map out strategies for growing a business alongside of your homeschool
  • Identify how you can carve out more personal time and find more happiness in your day-to-day
  • Find greater confidence as a homeschooling parent

Work with Julie

Let’s work together. I offer coaching by Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or Telephone anywhere in the world. I bring over a decade of experience as a homeschool, worldschool, roadschool, and adventure seeking parent, plus a whole tool box of professional and leadership experience.

So, I get it. I’ve been in your shoes. It can be soooo much easier.

If you’re stuck, let’s talk. I offer single sessions or packages to help you achieve your homeschool goals.

Stop stressing, let’s get you loving your homeschool and this one beautiful life of yours!


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