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The New 2022-2023 Demande d’Authorisation d’Instruction Dans la Famille – France Homeschooling Form

For my French homeschooling and expat friends, the wait for the 2022-2023 Demande d’Authorisation d’Instruction Dans la Famille form is over.

Apparently, it is the form parents must complete to obtain permission from the French government to homeschool.

The form is now online. You can find a link to it below. Keep in mind, my website here is for information only. I am not responsible for changes or updates to this link.

The End to Homeschooling in France Story

Following a new law in France, pushed by President Macron, which severely limits homeschooling, homeschooling is now restricted to four specific exceptions. Find a link to the law below. Plus, parents must obtain permission to homeschool, rather than making a declaration.

Despite massive opposition to the proposed law, which was wrapped up in legislation to combat Islamic Extremism, the law was enacted.

The Homeschool Form: Demande d’Authorisation Dans la Famille – Ecole a la Maison

Here is a link to the Republique Francaise website and form: Demande d’autorisation d’instruction dans la famille – Année scolaire 2022-2023 (Formulaire 16212*01) – March 1, 2022

Learn More About The Assault on French Homeschooling

Find additional resources about French homeschooling below.

Additionally, learn what has changed with homeschooling in France. As well, find information about the current legal status of homeschooling in France.

French Homeschool Facebook Groups

Drop a comment below. Share your thoughts. Are you a homeschool family? Do you want to homeschool your child in France? Will you now reconsider a move to France? What do you think? Will the law change back? Chime in.

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2 thoughts on “The New 2022-2023 Demande d’Authorisation d’Instruction Dans la Famille – France Homeschooling Form”

  1. I am not convinced that this law was only passed as part of Macron’s fight against Islamic extremism. Other things come to mind.
    Why do I say this? Because the overwhelming majority of homeschoolers are not Muslim, simply because they are less affluent and less able to provide homeschooling, which was already regulated by the state. Seriously, how many of the terror attacks were carried out by homeschooled people?
    France does not have strong free speech laws when compared to the U.S., so it was easier here to pass such a bill.

    1. Hi Farhat, Thank you so much for taking time to leave a comment. I’ve seen the points you make also raised by others. I still can’t believe how easy it seems this bill passed. Julie

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