5 Reasons To Travel Solo This Year [2024]

solo travel and reasons why you should solo travel this year

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Solo Travel Will Change Your Life

Traveling solo isn’t just about taking time for yourself or to get away from it all. Solo travel is a gateway to personal growth, self-reflection, self-discovery, inner healing, and an opportunity to seize this one life to make it yours.

Whether you solo travel in the purest sense, or solo travel with a child in tow, the journey promises to change you.

Solo travel on my own, and also with my four kids in tow, has shaped me as a woman and human in every possible way. It has opened my eyes to adventure, tested my limits, and allowed me to uncover facets of my identity and capabilities that I never knew or imagined existed. I’m not the only one who has discovered the transformative value of the solo journey.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Planning a Solo Journey RIGHT NOW

This is your life. Ignore the naysayers and start planning an epic, life-changing solo travel journey. It can be as short as an overnight getaway to a neighboring town, a monthlong adventure, or as elaborate as selling everything you own and backpacking around the globe. Whatever you decide, do this for YOU.

Now, about those five reasons…

1. Self-Discovery

Solo travel is the perfect opportunity for self-discovery. It offers a chance to experience unique opportunities and to learn things about yourself that you might not otherwise ever discover. Solo travel takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to depend on one person: yourself.

2. Freedom

When you travel solo, you experience true freedom. You decide your days and agenda. You decide what to do or see or explore. And you are the architect, CEO, boss, and captain of your own life. You are in control of you and your direction. This freedom is rare and truly a gift to experience.


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3. Personal Growth

Solo travel allows you to grow in unimaginable ways. It helps you to become adaptable, resilient, and confident. The personal growth you gain from solo travel will stay with you long after the trip ends. You’ll carry this confidence to tackle challenges head-on and solve problems efficiently into the “real world” and back at home.

4. Empowerment + Confidence

When you solo travel, it’s impossible not to grow. Solo travel will empower you, help you tune into your inner voice, fuel your confidence, and help you build self-reliance. By stepping outside of your comfort zone–and sometimes far outside of it–you’ll discover how resourceful, creative, resilient, and determined you can be. This confidence gained will be priceless and add to your life to come in ways that can’t be measured.

5. Meaningful Connections

When you embark on solo travel, not only will you forge a more meaningful connection with yourself, but you will make deeper connections with people, cultures, and environments around you. You will come to see the world in a totally different light. And you will think about life, problems, solutions, and relationships differently. You will find life unfolds exactly as it needs to–and discover that you are becoming who you need to be, one step at a time…and exactly on time.

Conclusion: Why You Need to Travel

Are you contemplating a solo adventure?

Is your heart calling for you to be daring and courageous and try something new?

Do you need to take space to reflect on your own growth?

If so, give yourself permission to travel. Buy the damn tickets.

And Go. Right now.


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