When Homeschooling Feels Hard

If Homeschooling Has You in Tears, You’re Not Alone, Mama

If homeschooling has been forced on you because of the COVID-19 crisis and you’ve already shed enough tears to fill a bathtub, you’re not alone, Mama. Or Dad for that matter.

And if you dream about homeschooling, but you’re worried you won’t make the cut or don’t have enough strength or guts, Mama… (or Dad)… trust me, you do.

Or if you’re currently a homeschool parent, but wonder if it’s time to throw in the towel because it’s feeling too hard…hold on, Mama (or Dad).

Keep reading… I’m so glad you’re here.

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Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart in the best of times. And, let’s be real, we aren’t exactly living anywhere close to the best of times right now. Living confined and sheltered in place in the middle of a pandemic with an uncertain future is scary, sad, and stressful.

On top of living a lockdown life, many of us are dealing with new work-from-home routines, job insecurity, unemployment, stressed out spouses and kids, relationship drama, piles of school assignments sent home from schools that are supposed to be completed and sent back, new routines, feeding kids who want to snack all day long, arguments with teenagers who want to game all day or see friends, doing laundry, and worries about getting sick or loved ones dying from the virus.

And then there’s H-O-M-E-S-C-H-O-O-L-I-N-G. Oh, my, freakin’ …. Grrrr …. The logistics. The big picture. The small details. And the reality that like it or not, you are now sort of, kind of, like your kid’s teacher, but you’re sort of, kind of, not because you’re Mama (or Dad) and your role is so much bigger than that.

Like you also have to deal with the fact that your house is down to the last two rolls of toilet paper–and an empty roll is still on the holder because no one bothered to replace it.

And you feel so alone. So, so tired. And vulnerable.

Of course, it’s no wonder why you are in tears.

I’ll say it again. Homeschooling isn’t easy.

It’s not easy when it’s an intentional path. It’s certainly not easy when it’s an unexpected reality. Wrangling kids to the kitchen table to do school work or parent-led learning activities isn’t always fun and games. Being with the same people 24/7 can also suck the life out of you.

But homeschooling and feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, lost, unsure about handling it all, insecure about what you are doing or how long you can manage to continue are a big, messy package deal. If you haven’t cried, had doubts, or felt anxious or overwhelmed by the end of the first minute, hour, day, or week(s) of homeschooling, I’d seriously wonder what’s in your coffee–especially taking on all of this in the middle of a global crisis.

If homeschooling has you in tears, you’re not alone, Mama. But trust me, it gets easier. Really, it does. If you’re not convinced, you’ve got to read Stop Trying to Homeschool.

If you’ve read my Stay Sane While You Homeschool post, you already know that homeschooling was really, really tough for me when I started on the journey, but I eventually fell in love with homeschooling–so much so, that my once upon a time “I will never, ever, EVER homeschool my kids” attitude turned into “I will never, ever, EVER NOT homeschool my kids.

So, cry, Mama. Cry, Dad.

Own those tears. Real superheros cry. What you doing for your children, your family, and for yourself right now takes superhero strength.

You’ve got this.

xx Julie

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