Sandboarding for Homeschoolers

Sandboarding for Homeschoolers

While touring the 50 USA States with my four homeschoolers, we had the opportunity to play in the sand dunes on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Specifically, the kids learned how to sandboard.

We squeezed in a sandboarding class at Sand Master Park in Florence, Oregon. We had a fabulous instructor. While his name escapes me now, he was an instructor with wild, two-toned, fabulous hair. He was incredibly patient with the kids and he was so much fun. 

Homeschool PE Class

As homeschoolers living in an RV and touring the USA (a.k.a. roadschoolers), this is what PE class (think gym class) looked like on the road.  

Sure beats my public school gym class days, where girls were given a choice of doing aerobics via VHS videos or playing floor hockey (and yes, the girls were definitely encouraged to “try” aerobics instead). PE Class doesn’t have to be boring when you homeschool, that’s for sure! 😉

sandboard homeschool

My kids were immediately hooked on this fun sport, especially since sandboarding makes a nice interim board sport until snowboard season.

After sandboarding in Oregon, they actually asked if we could skip Yosemite and hit up Pacific Coast dunes instead.

Hmm… PE class vs. Science/History. I told them that we’d have to wait and see how this roadschooling thing unfolds. 😉

If You’re Roadtripping or Roadschooling Oregon, Be Sure to Try Sandboarding

If you’re anywhere near Oregon, make your way toward Sand Master Park in Florence.  You can even park your RV there overnight for $15 (the price may have since changed).  

Sandboard rentals are $16 for up to 24 hours (this price may have since changed). That’s pretty sweet pricing because after a lesson you can drive down US 101 South a few miles to the beautiful Siuslaw National Forest/Oregon Dunes or Jessie M. Honeyman State Park for more hours of sand riding (or board sledding, as my kids opted to do after they got tired).

homeschool sandboarding kids

Happy Sandboarding!  Happy Wandering!

Know of an awesome spot to sandboard?  Won’t you please share it?  My kids want more sandboard fun and I’d love to know where to go!

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