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Live Big on the Cheap: Park Your RV and Camp for Free with Harvest Hosts

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If you’re living the RV life or thinking about it, finding free or cheap places to park your RV and camp for free is a big deal.

Landing unbelievable campsites on the cheap is actually part of the thrill of the adventure! When you score a place where you can camp for free, it’s sorta kinda feels like winning the lottery. 🙂

Get Nearly Free RV Camping, Beautiful Campsites

Calling all adventure seekers and RV dwellers! If you are looking to live for cheap, but live big, read on. Harvest Hosts might be your perfect answer.

When the kids and I lived the RV life in 2015, I had a Harvest Hosts membership. I thought it was cool then. And I still think it’s an awesome way to live and camp for practically free in your RV.

One of my favorite parts of the RV Life was finding an unbelievable campsite for free or cheap. I’m talking about one of campsites with those million dollar views.

Campsites where you can’t put your camera down because they are so breathtaking. Those spots where you park your RV and try to take photos that tell the whole store, but where you know you’ll never capture the vibe or full appreciation of the experience in a square frame. The sort of campsite that gets mega likes on your Instagram feed.

Harvest Hosts RV Camping for Free at vineyards
The kids running free at a vineyard. The RV is parked out of view.

What is Harvest Hosts?

RV Camping At 1607+ Wineries, Breweries, Farms and More!

Harvest Hosts is a membership camping program for self-contained RVers (e.g., motorhomes, fifth wheelers, camping vans, like Sprinter vans).

Membership gives you super cool overnight camping location possibilities. For example, you can stay overnight at breweries, vineyards, and on lovely farms. Now, you can also enjoy golf!

LEARN MORE: Check Out Harvest Hosts Unique Camping Experiences

If You Love Wine and Farms, Harvest Hosts is the Camping Membership You Wants

Here’s how camping for free with Harvest Hosts works and what you get with a Harvest Hosts Membership.

You pay: (current rate) $79 for an annual Harvest Hosts membership. Now, you can also subscribe to the Harvest Hosts (regular camping membership) PLUS Golf plan for $119/year.

You get: Unlimited access to stay overnight in your RV and camp at over 1800+ wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, golf courses, and other unique locations in and around the USA.

Requirements: To join, your RV has to be self-contained. That is, it has a toilet, water tank and inside cooking facilities. You can’t pitch any tents on the stay properties.

While it’s not required, it’s suggested that if you stay at a vineyard, farm, or other location where the host has a farm stand or sells goods, that you consider making a small purchase as a thank you or letting me stay on your awesome property.

For example, you might purchase a bottle of wine, a pint of fresh strawberries… you know, something that you’ll use anyway or would normally buy during your RVLife. So, basically, you’re really not spending any extra money to camp.

Off the Beaten-Path, Cool Experiences

What makes Harvest Hosts membership different than say typical camping memberships, like Thousand Trails or Good Sam, is that there are no additional costs to the Harvest Hosts member to stay at some really cool, off the beaten-path places, like wineries and breweries.

Plus, many of the hosts are fine with you bringing along your pets or children. And many won’t have issue with the age, style, or appearance of your self-contained RV. Anyone who has been at this RVLife thing and looked into camping memberships probably knows that some camping membership clubs impose restrictions, including age, pets, children, and RV type or condition.

Harvest Hosts Locations

Harvest Hosts has over 1800+ Hosts, with locations in the 48 contiguous US States, as well as Alaska and Baja California. And Harvest Hosts also has locations in Canada. You can check out a Harvest Hosts Map (and the golf camping locations) Here.

Advice Based on My Own RV Life Experiences – Harvest Hosts Reviews

If you’re living the RV life or planning to live it and want to do so on the cheap, I recommend getting a camping membership (or a few of them).

Why? Because restrictions, stay limits, and unavailability of campsites might force you to look elsewhere. The last thing you want is to have to pay full price for an overnight!

And, why not camp for free in your RV (or nearly free), if you can?

My Camping Memberships

When I was full-time RVing with my four kids, I had the following memberships:

Between these memberships and a little advance planning, rarely did I have to pay full-price to stay anywhere. Plus, I loved the fun and challenge of finding places to stay for free or cheap or boondock.

I compiled a list of other ways to live for cheap or free in 11+ Other Ways to Live for (Nearly) Free in Your RV or Camper Van.

But don’t just take my word for it. You can read 500+ shiny, positive reviews of Harvest Hosts on Trust Pilot. If you want to camp for free in your RV, this is a membership to seriously consider.

ways to live for free in your RV or camper van

Is Harvest Hosts Worth It?

This is the answer everyone wants to know, right? Is Harvest Hosts Membership worth it?

No one wants to pay for a camping membership and not use it. Or discover too late that it has undisclosed strings attached, blackouts or restrictions that make it impossible to use.

But the short answer in my experience is yes, I think it’s worth it! Harvest Hosts Membership is typically paid for in two overnight stays (compared to the cost of an average campground stay). The Harvest Hosts Membership plus Golf plan is typically paid for in three overnight stays (compared to the cost of an average campground stay).

How to Become a Harvest Hosts Host

It’s also possible to become a host with Harvest Hosts. This is a particularly incredible opportunity if you have land, a cool business, farm, vineyard, farmstand, or brewery that would appeal to RVers.

Not only can you build your brand and promote your business as a host, but often Harvest Hosts campers will buy goods or services from you as a thank you gesture for their stay.

Also, think of becoming a host as potentially free advertising and business for you. For example, if your campers post photos of their incredible stay on your property on social media, you’re bound to get increased exposure.

That’s awesome marketing power, right there!

Share Your Thoughts

I’d love to hear about your favorite Harvest Hosts stays. Drop a comment below. What is it like to camp for free? What are your thoughts on Harvest Hosts membership?

And, if you’re living the RV life, follow me on Instagram and I’ll follow you back–would love to see where your RV life is taking you!

Happy RV Life. Happy Cheap and Free Camping,


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