How to Recreate Travel at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Recreate Travel at Home During COVID-19?

Is it possible to satisfy your wanderlust at home when travel isn’t possible? Here’s how to recreate travel at home during COVID-19.

You’re safe at home. Yet, your mind is far away, dreaming of the places you’d like to explore, once life returns to some sense of normalcy. For those of us who live and breathe travel, and can’t help but feel wanderlust flowing through our chests with each and every heart beat, staying in one place during confinement or stay at home orders is especially tough.

But if wanderlust and travel teach anything, it’s that change is constant. Before long, those of us with wanderlust-fueled souls be back exploring, booking flights, looking for campgrounds or RV parks to pass a night, and sipping beverages in beautiful cafes and piazzas.

How to Recreate Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Until that time comes, there are ways to create, relive, or experience travel at home. Here are some of those ways:

* Online, Virtual Museum Tours. Many famous museums around the globe are offering virtual tours during the Pandemic, so why not sit back on your couch, pop open your laptop, and take a tour. These museums include The Louvre in Paris, The Dali Museum in Spain (my kids loved going to this museum), and The Vatican Museums in Italy

* Travel YouTube Videos and Vlogs. With a little extra free time on your hands, it’s the perfect time to start following some travel bloggers online or check out travel videos of your favorite past destinations or those where you’re planning to go next. Before the kids and I made France a new home base, we used to follow Jay Swanson’s Video Channel about life in Paris. We also enjoy watching short travel clips of cities, like the kind featured in Backpack Life.

*Blogs. If you’re looking to create travel experiences at home, why not live vicariously through other bloggers’ experiences until you can make your own? Now is the perfect time to think about your future itineraries and research cities, destinations, adventures, tours, and travel-work opportunities. There are plenty of blogs out there where people have taken the time to share their experiences and tell it like it is in those places, so why not take the time to discover what they have to say? Oh, and if your kids are begging to start their own YouTube channel, you might be interested in reading Should Your Child Have a YouTube Channel?

* Movies. There are so many good movies and documentaries to watch or stream, especially on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Favorites include: Eat Pray Love, The Way, and Wild.

The Way inspired our family hike of the Camino de Santiago in 2012, when the kids were teeny, tiny, and I remember watching Wild in my RV during my 50 State Tour with the Kids in 2015.

* Books. Of course, books! I love visiting bookstores when I travel and buying books. Now is the perfect time to read all of the books you’ve acquired during your travels, so you have no excuses to make new book purchases once you start traveling again. Book and travel lovers, I KNOW you know what I mean. 🙂 If you are currently homeschooling your kids or plan to continue homeschooling your kids after confinement life, I highly recommend Dumbing Us Down. If the pandemic is also causing you to rethink your life choices and where you want to go to next, I suggest Eat Pray Love. If you want a quick read that will take your mind elsewhere try The Light we Lost or The Home for Unwanted Girls – both of these books were included in my 2019 travel reads.

Enjoy, happy travels from the couch, and stay healthy,


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