Favorite Magazine Picks for Planning Flexible Travel Lifestyle Dreams

Magazine subscriptions? Seriously? Do people actually subscribe to magazines these days?  Doesn’t having a magazine subscription run counter to having a flexible lifestyle?

Yes. Seriously.

Yes. People subscribe.

No. Magazines are perfect for inspiring your flexible travel lifestyle!

I love getting magazines in the mail. Not junk magazines, but legit magazines that support and further my interests.  For example, I love yoga, so I look forward to receiving a copy of Yoga Journal in the mail each month.

If you’re dreaming about a travel lifestyle, flexible work-life balance, or homeschooling your children, I recommend subscribing to magazines that support your interests, dreams, and plans.  For example, if you are thinking that you’d like to launch a freelance writing career to support a travel lifestyle, a magazine that shows up regularly in your mailbox might help you stay focused and on track, like Writer’s Digest. If you’re looking for business ideas, you might want a magazine like Entrepreneur.  If you’re interested in outdoor adventures, you might like magazines like Outside or Backpacker, picks that will give you destination ideas, planning tips, and cutting-edge gear suggestions.

Magazine Picks for Supporting and Encouraging Flexible Travel Lifestyle Dreams

MoneyI subscribed to Money for years. Simple, straightforward advice that puts money stuff into ordinary words. If you want to travel full-time or integrate more travel into your life, there’s simply no escaping the money topic. Grab a subscription and get your finances on track.

Budget Travel.  If you’re looking for budget travel ideas, getaways, and deals, a subscription to Budget could be a good monthly mailbox treat.

National Geographic.  I can’t say enough about National Geographic. My kids LOVE reading this magazine and looking at the beautiful photographs. We once rented a furnished apartment in a small town in Spain that had shelves and shelves of these yellow-bordered magazines. My kids were much younger then, but they still loved flipping the glossy pages. I knew I needed a subscription for my family then. National Geographic is educational, ideal for homeschooling topics, and also fabulous for inspiring travel plans and adventures.  I definitely recommend a subscription to this magazine or gifting one to your favorite homeschooling family.

Motorhome.  If you’re dreaming about slow travel or exploring via motorhome /RV, travel trailer, or van, Motorhome is a magazine that features interesting content and ads that will add inspiration to your plans, as well as give you insight into fulltime or part-time motorhome life.

What magazine do you consider a must have in your homeschooling and/or travel lifestyle?

*This post contains affiliate links. This review reflects my real and honest experience with this product. When you purchase through my affiliate links, I do receive a small commission; this is how I earn income for providing useful and honest content for my readers who share similar travel/adventure dreams. Thank you for supporting what I do!

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  1. I have several magazine subscriptions myself. People often find it strange because ‘I could just go online and read’ as they often tell me. But I do like my magazines and in fact, I learned about this blog in the current issue if National Parks

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