Solo Women Travelers Don’t Let COVID-19 Stop You From Dreaming About Travel

I get it. Quarantine, lockdown, and stay home orders during the global COVID-19 pandemic have a way of making you feel like your travel dreams are on hold. And maybe seemingly on hold forever.

But don’t let the current crisis rob you of your dreams. Really.

Sure, you have to be realistic and honest with yourself about the current situation. Like no one knows when international borders will open or when airlines will resume regular flight schedules. However, if you’ve dreamed for years about moving to France and were hoping to act on that dream this year, but then Coronavirus hit, you can’t quit on that dream.

Why? You’d regret it, for one.

But also because life is going to go on. It always does.

It may take time for things to open up again. The economy to bounce back. Savings accounts and investment accounts to rebuild. And jobs to be had or found again. But things will improve. Life will go on.

And your dreams should go on too.

Yes, we’re living in uncertain and scary times. However, change is inevitable.

If COVID-19 shows us anything, it is that tomorrow, at least the way we expect tomorrow to be, isn’t guaranteed. This alone is definitely a reason why you can’t give up on your dream of travel and adventure.

You can’t wait until retirement to travel. You can’t wait until you find the perfect job to travel. You can’t wait until you find the perfect partner. You can’t wait until your bank account is topped off with the right amount.

You have to keep dreaming. You have to keep planning.

Tweak your dreams. Tweak your plans, if you must. But keep planning and keep dreaming–and then dream some more. Don’t be afraid of being creative or thinking outside of the box. Do what you can right now to keep your travel dreams alive, even if that means touring virtual museums or reading dreamy travel books.

The global pandemic is a reminder that life is finite. It is precious. You have a precious opportunity to live your best life, however you define that for yourself.

Listen Up Solo Women Travelers!

Don’t let anyone, bills, jobs, relationships, or things in life that are beyond your control discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t travel when this is all over. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be one of those inspiring solo women travelers.

Dreams aren’t always easy to pursue. That’s why not everyone pursues them. COVID-19 may be a speedbump, hurdle, or gigantic obstacle, but it is not a barricade to following yours.

So, embrace the unknown while embracing your dreams. You can make your travel dreams happen. You may have to be patient for a bit longer than you hoped. But you can pursue those dreams.

You will.

xx Julie

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