Okay, so living in a 30 ft RV (we call her The Amazing Karma or… just Karma) for me is pretty small compared to my own bedroom triple the size. Also, living with my 3 siblings, who are not to mention annoying, in a tiny space can be hard. Okay, I have to have some respect toward them. My sister defends me from my brothers and has a heart so pure with love and respect.  One of my brothers, well, I guess he’s just made to be annoying, but at times he is very sweet and kind and you could say nice.Wait! He is really, I mean really good at entertaining you. Then there’s my other brother.  He’s two years younger than me and very annoying.  I don’t fight with him a lot, but when we do it’s just arguing, and we make up 5 minutes later. So, yeah, that’s my life with…well…the siblings.

I wanted to do this 50 State RV Tour to open doors for my future and also to see some places that seem so perfectly impossible.

I’m extremely good at hooking up electricity.  I am good at hooking up water.  I’m getting better at dumping out…well, let’s just say solids and liquids. But I don’t know how to drive, which isn’t a big problem, right? I’m the one who sits next to the captain.  The navigator is what I’m called. I’m the one that takes care of the RV and manages it.  I am the stress relief.

But overall this has been the best trip, vacation, learning experience, adventure EVER!


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