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April 30, 2015

Okay, so living in a 30 ft RV (we call her The Amazing Karma or… just Karma) for me is pretty small compared to my own bedroom triple the size. Also, living with my 3 siblings, who are not to mention annoying, in a tiny space can be hard. Okay, I have to have some respect toward them. My sister defends me from my brothers and has a heart so pure with love and respect.  One of my brothers, well, I guess he’s just made to be annoying, but at times he is very sweet and kind and you could say nice.Wait! He is really, I mean really good at entertaining you. Then there’s my other brother.  He’s two years younger than me and very annoying.  I don’t fight with him a lot, but when we do it’s just arguing, and we make up 5 minutes later. So, yeah, that’s my life with…well…the siblings.

I wanted to do this 50 State RV Tour to open doors for my future and also to see some places that seem so perfectly impossible.

I’m extremely good at hooking up electricity.  I am good at hooking up water.  I’m getting better at dumping out…well, let’s just say solids and liquids. But I don’t know how to drive, which isn’t a big problem, right? I’m the one who sits next to the captain.  The navigator is what I’m called. I’m the one that takes care of the RV and manages it.  I am the stress relief.

But overall this has been the best trip, vacation, learning experience, adventure EVER!


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My Tweenage Homeschool Life

March 19, 2015

“My children’s education is their own.”

I have been homeschooled for the past five years. In those five years, I have learned a lot about the world through travelling and visiting museums. I have gone to different places in Europe.

In Spain, two years ago, we did a hike called: Camino de Santiago de Compostela. It was a 118 Km walk.  I got to see wild, vicious dogs. There were pastures of farmland and grapes everywhere. We tasted the grapes and they tasted like blueberries. The people there make wine from the grapes. I got to learn a bit about agriculture. On the walk, we were able to see how houses were built in this part of Spain. Some houses were built out of wood and slate. One apartment we stayed at, the whole place was made out of stone. I got to learn about architecture and culture.

We stayed in Spain for a month. For half of that time, we stayed in an apartment. In order to get there, you would have to drive on a super, twisty mountain road. Every time I was on that road, I felt like I was going to barf. When we got to the town, it was empty. Nobody was there. Some of the houses were destroyed. We met a girl from Spain who was about 7-years-old. My siblings played with her. We didn’t understand anything that she said. She would try to make out what she was saying by pointing to things. I’ve been taking Spanish for seven years, but it’s still hard to communicate with a native speaker.

When we were leaving the town, my dad pointed out an arch. My dad taught us about how the keystone holds the arch  together. We learned about the keystone on top.

We went on a road trip up to Germany to see some friends. We went to Venice, Italy. We went through many tunnels, and drove along the coast of France. We also went to a beautiful beach in Portugal.

One thing that I have learned from being homeschooled is how people live in different countries. If you compare the US and Europe, Europe is way safer than the US. Here’s an example: if you drop your wallet on the street in Iceland, the next day it will still be there, or someone would pick it up and bring it to a police station.

It is easy to learn while being homeschooled. If I don’t understand something, my mom repeats it for me. (I feel like in schools teachers usually don’t repeat something when students don’t understand it.) For example, I didn’t understand the steps for division. It took me a while to learn. I would spend 30 minutes on one division problem. Now, I understand division clearly.

Vacation is learning for us. Camps are vacation. Museums are vacation. The only thing that is not vacation is math….

I want to travel the world and see culture, and experience what most kids can’t see.

In the US (now) I think twice about what I do, what other people say, and how I should react to life’s mysteries because of my homeschooled education.



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Seeker in New York City

February 27, 2015

I went to Books of Wonder to listen to four new young adult writters talk about their new books. My favorite author was Arwen Elys Dayton with her new book called Seeker. I bought the book and I was the first one in line to get it signed.


These are the three other books discussed.



Arwen signed my book.





– Wandertween