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Are These 7 Fears Stopping You From Traveling with Children?

July 2, 2019

Are These 7 Fears Stopping You From Traveling?

It’s easy to come up with real , real-to-you, or imagined reasons why you can’t travel with your children. But wait. Are these ‘reasons’ simply excuses or fears in disguise? Read on to see if these 7 fears are stopping you from traveling with children.

1. Money! I just can’t afford to travel.

It may come as a surprise, but you don’t need a lot of money to travel. If you want to travel, there are cheap ways to do it, especially if you are willing to be creative. For example, if you are traveling with a family, you can sometimes save a bundle by buying one way airline tickets – one outbound itinerary, one return itinerary. I recently was able to travel, 4 kids + moi, to Europe from New York for about $120 one way per person. Once in Europe, I was able to fly to different locations with my crew using low-cost airlines, such as Easy Jet and Ryan Air; I took one flight between London and France that was £ 4.99 per person/one way (that’s about $6.00 USD)!

There are a number of discount travel sites out there. You just have to look for them! There are also ways to stay cheaply abroad, from home exchanges, hostels, to couch surfing, to long stay AirBnB rentals, to family volunteer abroad opportunities that give you free accommodation in exchange for your time. Some families even rent out their home while they travel to earn extra cash. Also, depending on your destination, you may discover that some places are soooo much cheaper for a family to live in than home…you might actually save money being away from home!

There are many ways to make money online while you travel, too. I previously wrote this post about 21 side hustles, which might give you ideas. There are also job opportunities abroad, such as teaching English as a foreign language. If you already have a work-from-home job or one that allows flexibility, this may make it even easier financially to travel.

You can always start small too. You don’t need to book a six month trip to Europe to enjoy the benefits and experience of travel. Staycations, weekend trips, or overnight adventures close to home are also ways to soak up the travel lifestyle. One of my favorite travel destinations is only a few hours away from my home, and it’s always a fun, easy adventure to pack the kids in the car, fill up the gas tank, and go.

Yes, traveling costs money, but if you really want to travel, there are ways to do it affordably, cheaply, and sometimes free. With a bit of creativity, you really can’t hide behind this excuse.

2. They are too young to travel. They won’t remember any of it.

Recently I was talking with my children about tabula rasa. This is the concept that children are born as a blank slate, waiting to be shaped and molded. Somehow a child learns to walk and run, but they don’t necessarily remember learning it, yet it stays with them. The experience of travel is sort of like that too. Children are like sponges. They absorb, study, and soak up everything around them. You may not see the impact immediately, but somewhere the experience is stored and shaping them.

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Travel Insurance Do You Really Need It?

August 15, 2018

My teen just returned from her first solo, as in without her mom + sibling entourage, international trip. Before she went, I purchased travel insurance for her, just as I now do for all of my big travels with my children.

Why buy travel insurance for a teen, who obviously doesn’t need it for reasons such as rental car coverage?  And why buy it for myself and my kids?

Let me tell you….

Once upon a time, when my babies were well, legit babies and not the big kids they are today, there was a time when I went on a lengthy international trip and sometime toward the end of the trip I got homesick. Really homesick. I looked into changing my travel dates to return home sooner and discovered that making the changes would cost me nearly $6,000.

That’s when it hit me.  Traveling with a brood as large as mine, should anything happen to one of them, to me, to my husband back at home (he’s often not traveling with us) or to a close family member and I needed to get home, the cost of making an urgent flight change alone could seriously impact my finances.  As my parents age, I see the need for travel insurance as even more important.

Yes, travel insurance is an additional expense.  It’s big, but in the grand scheme of life and travel, it’s not typically that big.

For my teen’s trip, which involved running mountains, the added expense of $78 for trip insurance which included coverage for extrication and the cost of covering travel for someone to be by her side in the event of an emergency, was well worth my piece of mind.

For my husband’s international running adventures, spending not too much more than $100 for a typical trip, also gives me and our family piece of mind, just in case.

You can find travel insurance comparison tools online that will show you competitive travel quotes. Over the years, I’ve purchased travel insurance through a few different companies, but now my family consistently and happily relies on World Nomads.

Why World Nomads Travel Insurance?

First off, when I want to buy something travel related I research it to death. My family knows I LOVE to research and they know how much I love sifting through reviews, documentation, and information.  I’ve done a lot of research on travel insurance over the years, and while I’ve thankfully never *needed* travel insurance to make a claim, fingers crossed, knock on wood, other like-minded, wanderlust, adventure seeking travelers like myself and my family have reported, reviewed, and blogged about positive experiences with World Nomads.

I like what World Nomads covers and its very clear list of covered/excluded activities, so you know before you hit the road whether your activity will be A-okay.  Since my family does a lot of running-related adventures and races, this is really useful.

I appreciate that World Nomads seems to get its travelers…a range of traveler types from resort goers to glampers to mountain adventure seeking adventurers–and individuals to large families. World Nomads also offers policies for short travel itineraries to long, slow, nomadic travel. And slow travel is my thing.

If you’re looking for “coverage for the unexpected,” it’s definitely worth checking out World Nomads for your travel insurance.

World Nomads Logo

Check Your Credit Card Benefits

When you’re planning your trip, contact your credit card company and find out whether your card offers you any travel protections.  While your credit card is unlikely a substitute for dedicated travel insurance, it may offer certain travel protections, such as rental car, travel delay, and/or lost luggage coverage. It’s certainly worth looking into–or making the switch to a credit card that does offer travel benefits–and getting a better idea of what you ultimately need in a travel insurance policy.

Happy Adventures! Happy Wandering!


*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Wanderschool sometimes receives a small commission from sales of certain items through affiliate links, but the price is the same for you. The perspective shared in this post is based on my experience with this item.

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Favorite Magazine Picks for Planning Flexible Travel Lifestyle Dreams

April 13, 2018

Magazine subscriptions? Seriously? Do people actually subscribe to magazines these days?  Doesn’t having a magazine subscription run counter to having a flexible lifestyle?

Yes. Seriously.

Yes. People subscribe.

No. Magazines are perfect for inspiring your flexible travel lifestyle!

Markdown Madness: 70-90% Off. Valid through 4/16

I love getting magazines in the mail. Not junk magazines, but legit magazines that support and further my interests.  For example, I love yoga, so I look forward to receiving a copy of Yoga Journal in the mail each month.

If you’re dreaming about a travel lifestyle, flexible work-life balance, or homeschooling your children, I recommend subscribing to magazines that support your interests, dreams, and plans.  For example, if you are thinking that you’d like to launch a freelance writing career to support a travel lifestyle, a magazine that shows up regularly in your mailbox might help you stay focused and on track, like Writer’s Digest. If you’re looking for business ideas, you might want a magazine like Entrepreneur.  If you’re interested in outdoor adventures, you might like magazines like Outside or Backpacker, picks that will give you destination ideas, planning tips, and cutting-edge gear suggestions.

Magazine Picks for Supporting and Encouraging Flexible Travel Lifestyle Dreams

MoneyI subscribed to Money for years. Simple, straightforward advice that puts money stuff into ordinary words. If you want to travel full-time or integrate more travel into your life, there’s simply no escaping the money topic. Grab a subscription and get your finances on track.







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