How to Create Awesome Blog Posts That Go Viral

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This post is a continuation of my How to Write a Blog in 2020 Series.

So, how exactly do you make a blog post go viral?

Every time a blogger writes a blog post, the hope is that it will gain a lot of attention (or traffic). Okay, there is probably the one blogger out there who doesn’t care whether or not anyone sees a post, but that’s far from the norm.

Get Noticed

Most bloggers want their efforts to be noticed. They want their posts to reach their target audiences. Creating content is a lot of work. When you click on a blog link and a post displays on your smartphone or desktop, a lot of time (and maybe blood sweat and tears) has gone into creating that content. Website traffic is a way of measuring how effective a post is at reaching an audience.

Getting noticed is one thing. But getting really, really noticed is another thing.

I’m talking about writing a post that goes viral. A blogger’s dream.

So, how do you write a blog post that goes viral? Is there a secret formula? A trick? Surely, there are things to avoid, right? What are the things to definitely do? Well, I’m going to shed a bit of insight into what makes a blog post get lots of traffic, attention, and viral love.

Read on.

The Secret Recipe to Creating Viral Blog Posts

I’m going to share with you a list of some of the ingredients top bloggers and experience bloggers cite as key components to creating a blog post that will go viral. But, and this is a B-I-G but… even putting all of this ingredients together doesn’t guarantee that your recipe will work. Your recipe probably won’t flop, like a sad oven-baked loaf of bread that didn’t rise long enough. It might generate some traffic or a lot of traffic. But there are simply no guarantees that it will go viral.

Sure, some blogging marketers put bold claims out there, sometimes guaranteeing that they can make your posts go viral each and every time, but the fact of the matter is that there are lots of variables that go into a post’s popularity… and there are no guarantees.

You can only keep trying… tweaking your recipe, refining the ingredients, exercising patience, and promoting the heck out of your site and posts until magic happens.

You’ve created that mind-blowing, traffic getting, audience consuming viral post.

So what are those ingredients? Read on…

Ingredients to Creating Viral Blog Posts

1. Content Baby.

You’ve got to create good, nah, great content. Eye-catching content. Buzz-worthy content. Content that is interesting. It doesn’t mean it has to be a brand new idea, just really good and spun differently or better than the blogger before you. If you already have a well-established blog, followers, and a leading reputation on your subject matter you might have a bit of leeway here.

2. Enthusiasm and Passion for your Subject

Let your enthusiasm and passion for your subject pour out between the words. Your post will surely stand out when your readers sense your genuine excitement for the topic.

3. Whip-Smart, Sassy, and Attention Grabby Headline Titles

A title has to stand out. It’s got to grab a reader’s attention–and almost leaving readers feeling obligated to read the post, as if it was crafted specifically for their eyes.

The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are: Hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and common sense. 

-Thomas Edison

4. A Take Away Message

Posts that go viral tend to have a take away point, like a big ‘ol highlighted bullet point that sticks with you long after you close your browser tab.

5. Tell a Good Story

Many posts that go viral have incorporated some element of story. Something snappy. Or something surprising. Something that leaves the reader curious and convinced that they should read on.

6. Be True to Your Voice

Write in a way that reflects your voice. Be you. Authenticity is powerful.

7. Read Everything You Can About Successful Blog Posts

There are lots of different opinions and approaches on how to create awesome blog posts that go viral. Reading as much as you can about good writing, blog marketing, and creating successful, high-traffic posts is an important step in getting you toward your blogging goals. You can also listen to podcasts or vlogs. There is so much wisdom and perspective that can be gained by soaking up the knowledge that blogging and writing experts are willing to share.

The Take Away

With these ingredients, you will be on your way toward making posts that go viral and give you significant exposure that leads to a jump in your website traffic. Tweak them, adjust them, learn from your efforts, keep going, and repeat as needed….

What you are seeking will come.

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