reasons why solo travel will make you better

7 Reasons Why Solo Travel with Kids Will Make Your Life Better

Why You Need to Travel Solo with Kids

If the idea of traveling solo with your kids, whether on a short road trip or on an extended travel adventure, makes you cringe, flood with fear, and want to run and hide, read on.

I’m a huge believer that solo travel makes you stronger and more capable. Especially when you travel solo with kids.

Would you believe me if I told you that there’s a good chance that solo travel with kids will make your life better?

Not only are you tough enough, strong enough, and capable enough to travel solo with a kid crew, but you’re sure to gain so much from even one solo trip that you just might find yourself planning another solo adventure sooner than later!

solo travel with kids on cumberland island
Wandering on Cumberland Island Solo with the Kids

11 Reasons Why Solo Travel with Kids Will Make Your Life Better

What if I told you that solo parent travel will be one of the best things you ever do?

How would you respond? Would you be shocked?

1.  Solo Travel will reset/redefine your expectations and comfort zone.  

After you travel solo, the things that seemed big and overwhelming before travel will seem so much smaller and manageable after travel.  

Solo travel teaches you how to “wing it” when you forget something like a spare set of clothes when your child throws up in the car.  Solo travel forces you to ask for help when you need it, like when you need help carrying a stroller up a set of stairs in the Paris Metro, which makes tasks like asking other parents to help plan the preschool end-of-the-year party or pony up volunteer hours at an after school activity that much easier.

2.  It’s So, So, So Much Easier Than You Think.  

Just decide you want to travel.

And once you’ve freed your mind from that decision, you’ll soon find every resource under the sun online to help make your dream a reality, from free art classes for kids in your desired location to kid-friendly “best” lists like restaurants and things to do.

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3.  Solo Travel is Uber Educational.  

Your kids will learn so much from travel.  

You might even be shocked how much a child can learn in just a few days of a travel adventure.  A few days of a travel adventure could be the equivalent of a priceless educational experience–and even the equivalent of weeks, months, or years spent learning in a traditional classroom.  It’s impossible to compare seeing the world and hands-on learning with textbook, classroom learning. Solo travel with kids teaches kids to become self-reliant, motivated, confident learners.

4.  You and your kids will develop new skills and strengths.  

You’ll not only tap into skills and inner-strengths you may not have realized you had, but solo travel with kids will teach your kids that anything is possible if they want to make it happen.  Plus, you’ll discover strengths that you didn’t know you had.  You’ll inspire your kids to discover their strengths, too.

solo travel lifestyle with kids

5.  You’ll meet people who will change your life.  

Solo travel with kids opens doors to meeting people who you might not meet if you were traveling with a spouse, friend, companion, or group.  

You’ll meet other families and people who want to hear all about your adventures. They will offer you travel ideas, tips, and teach you things you might not otherwise discover unless it was just you and your crew in tow.

6.  You’ll learn to deal with being alone.  

When it’s just you, responsible for your kids, with no other parent, partner, grandparent, or friend in sight, you learn how to be a rockstar grown up, capable of handling all sorts of situations and navigating challenges.  

You’ll learn to face fears that maybe you knew you had and deal with new fears head on.  Your kids will see that fears can be successfully dealt with and managed–and that they don’t have to be defined by can’ts or society’s should-nots. They’ll learn that not all places or people are scary, and come to see the world as a place of possibility and beauty.

7.  You’ll experience freedom.  

When you travel solo, you get to call the shots.  

Sure, the kids can try to cramp your style and whine about where you’ve chosen to eat dinner if you’re not in the mood for working out a consensus, but in the end you get the final say! You (and/or your kids) can go where you want to, when you want to.  In the morning when you get up, it’s just you and the kiddies and the wind ready to blow you wherever you’d like to go.  Everyday is truly an adventure when you travel solo with children!

Solo travel with kids is one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever come to know. It’s an experience that will show you what you’re made of. It will also show you your (and your kids’) true colors, and build lasting memories and bonds that are truly priceless.

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