RV’ing the USA: Century Farm Winery

On our way toward Nashville from Memphis, I thought it would be fun to stop at a vineyard along the route. I figured it had to be educational for the kids, too, right? Since Wanderdad had joined us for the weekend, he thought the idea was brilliant.

We stumbled upon Century Farm Winery, after missing an earlier turn along Interstate 40 for another vineyard. I’m glad luck took us further down the road.

Located a short drive from the highway in Jackson, Tennessee, along a tree lined country road, sits Century Farm Winery. We found plenty of parking space for our 31-foot long Motorhome in front of a barn, surrounded by lush flower gardens, the vineyard where grapevines were beginning to bloom, and a beautifully manicured yard. Did I mention a huge growth of lovely, delicious smelling peonies?

Inside the Winery building, we were greeted by Carl, the owner and former teacher (who took time to explain to my kids how s-traps are used to get rid of/keep out carbon dioxide in the wine making process), who told us that the farm had been in his wife’s family for years and that “she lets him stay!” It is on the farm, where he first planted grapes and pursues his love of wine making.

After a brief wine taste test of two white wines, we took off with the kids to wander through the beautiful vineyard. The kids ran laps up and down the rows of grapes until they were exhausted.

running vineyard

We then piled into the RV, made our way back to the highway, and continued on our way.

One of my favorite things about RV’ing is the freedom to go wherever you want–wherever the road takes you. ¬†This detour was certainly a reflection of that freedom–and yes, it was fun and educational.


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