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NYC Guitar School: Rockin’ Homeschool Guitar Lessons

Homeschool Guitar Lessons

When you’re in love, you just want to shout out the news to the world, right?

Well, that’s how I feel about the guitar instruction my homeschooled kids receive at New York City Guitar School in Midtown Manhattan.  

And, so you know, I’m not receiving any compensation of any sort from New York City Guitar School for this post.  I’m just a huge believer in giving shout outs for businesses that go the extra mile.

When our homeschool travels bring us to NYC, squeezing in a few guitar classes at NYC Guitar School ranks at the top of our city to-do list.  As a homeschooling mom of four, I’ve sat in on, watched, listened to, and interacted with a number of different music teachers and classes in many locations over the years.

I’ve seen first hand a variety of approaches, methods, styles, and teaching attitudes.

Homeschool Guitar Teachers

Not all teachers can teach.

For sure, not all musicians can teach.  

And without a doubt, not all music teachers can teach kids.

homeschool nyc guitar

But at this school, where I sign my kids up for private classes due to our crazy, sometimes unpredictable travel schedule, I have found the teachers know what they are doing.

The two teachers my kids request, again and again, actually appear to genuinely like teaching kids. Their teachers are super patient and incredibly inspiring. After a lesson, my kids leave the school with the knowledge to play (even if lots of practice is needed) REAL songs, tweaked for their current ability.

For example, my little one worked on Katy Perry’s Fireworks at a recent lesson. Tia, a gifted teacher, who can quickly listen to a song, pull out cords to transform the song into a simple version suitable for a beginner 7-year old, inspires confidence and keeps my kids eager to practice their instruments.  That makes hauling my entire crew to classes worth it.

Homeschool Guitar Lessons

The icing on the cake is that NYC Guitar’s Founder, Dan, was homeschooled. Psst…he and his homeschooled sibs scored college scholarships, too.

If you’re looking for classes for your homeschooler, or just passing through the city for a travel holiday, a class here might just get your kids hooked on music.

New York City Guitar School also now offers virtual classes! So, it doesn’t matter where your homeschooler is located to take advantage of this school’s classes. Also, if you, Mom or Dad, have always dreamed about learning to play, the school offers adult classes. 😉

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Find the Best Online Homeschool Guitar Classes – Beyond NYC

If you’re looking for other places beyond New York City to find homeschool guitar classes, here are some of my fav online guitar class options:

  • Outschool. Outschool offers private and group classes for homeschoolers and students seeking music lessons. So you know, Outschool offers live, in-person classes via Zoom.
  • Fender Play. Fender offers a free trial of online lessons. My teens (and my tween) have also enjoyed Fender lessons.
  • YouTube. You can find amazing guitar classes, including guitar cover song lessons on YouTube.
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