Wanderschool Afternoon Out in Chinatown

Despite tired, sick, cranky kids (and meltdowns before we even got out the door), we managed to get outside for a bit this afternoon to catch part of the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration in New York City.

It was the warmest day we’ve experienced in several days.  The sidewalks were super sloshy, but the kids were entertained jumping over deep curb puddles–and watching people unintentionally wade through them (some puddles were super deep, though they didn’t look that way on approach).

Funny thing, too, despite the rocky start…the kids said it was a great, super fun day out.

chinese ny
Confetti in the Air. Chinese New Year Celebration in New York City.
chinese new year nyc
Chinatown New Year’s Celebration 2015. New York City.


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