Homeschool Afternoon on the Town: Watching the Presidential Motorcade Roll Through New York City

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When I saw the street gates/barricades go up along Church Street, I suspected something was up. After checking out Tribeca Citizen and the President’s Schedule (didn’t realize until I Googled it, that the White House posts daily details of the President’s schedule online), I learned The President was scheduled to make a couple of fundraiser appearances in the Big Apple.

The kids and I decided to make an afternoon of the excitement. After all, it’s not everyday you get to see the Presidential Motorcade roll past you.

We first grabbed cupcakes at Billy’s Bakery at 75 Franklin Street in Tribeca. A sweet shop, delicately decorated in warm yellow with original skinny board wood floors. Pretty and Yummmmmm. Well, actually, they didn’t have any gluten free cupcakes available (only cookies) so I didn’t get the chance to share in the sweetness, but the kids loved their cupcakes and they looked delicious! We found a window bench near West Broadway to sit and enjoy the cupcakes while we waited to catch a glimpse of the President.

cupcake _ franklin tribeca

Finally, the motorcade roared by! My oldest homeschooler was most thrilled, jumping up and down, “I saw him, I saw him!”

president homeschool nyc west broadway

Later in the day, presumably after President Obama enjoyed his swanky gathering at a Tribeca Restaurant, we had another unexpected sighting of his motorcade while hanging out next to the Tennis Courts at Washington Market Park.

president homeschool nyc

Super cool–and perfect foder for homeschool bedtime journal writing!

Happy Wandering! Happy Homeschooling!

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