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Miles of Light ‘Road Project’ to Benefit Suicide Prevention and Awareness

August 2, 2015


It’s a good life.  But not everyone sees it that way.


Our 50 States RV Tour ‘Road Project’: Miles of Light. We are touring the USA and raising money to benefit suicide prevention and awareness.

After driving nearly 10,000 miles into our 50 States RV tour across the USA, the kids and I have come to see that suicide touches all corners of our beautiful country.  We have launched a ‘Road Project’ that we are calling “Miles of Light,” which is our campaign to raise money to benefit suicide prevention and awareness.  Our Miles of Light project will directly benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is the leader in the fight against suicide, funding research, education, and advocacy programs, and supporting survivors of suicide loss.

This cause is close to our hearts. You can read our story at Miles of Light.

Suicide is a preventable tragedy.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States (according to 2013 statistics, the most recent year for which data is available).

Please join us to help further the national conversation about suicide prevention and awareness, and shed light onto the darkness of suicide.  You can make a tax-deductible donation to support the AFSP through our Miles of Light Campaign at our Crowdrise Site or directly on our Miles of Light Campaign page at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention website.

Love, Light, and Happy Wandering!   




Blog RV'ing 50 States USA

How to Keep Kids Healthy While Traveling on the Road

July 31, 2015

When I’m road tripping solo with my kids, it’s a tall order to keep them as healthy as possible.  After all, we travel frequently and in every new place we visit or stay, the kids want to inspect and touch everything–arcade games, laundromat coin machines, mini golf clubs, visitor center brochure racks, gumball machines, subway poles, golf cart steering wheels, hotel room drawers, campground water pumps, etc.

Over the years of solo mom travel adventures, I’ve come to apply the following tips to keep my crew as healthy as possible while on the road.

Keeping Kids Healthy on Road Trips

1.  Make sure your kid gets enough sleep.  Studies show that getting sufficient sleep can help ward off common illnesses, like colds, or speed up recovery.  I’ve learned that even little naps in the car or motorhome help.  I try to encourage my kids to snooze, especially when they seem to be overtired or grumpy.  I try to make sure my kids go to bed at somewhat consistent times when we travel.  Nothing too rigid, but that they aren’t staying up too late, too often.

2.  Make sure your kid eats and snacks well.  Healthy snacks, limited sugar, fresh fruits and veggies.  Keeping healthy food and snacks in the motorhome cupboards, in your kid’s backpack, or in your bag while you’re on the road can help ensure sure those little kid bodies are primed to fight off any bugs.

3.  Invest in hand sanitizer.  I keep a big pump bottle in the door of my regular vehicle and in my motorhome when I travel.  The kids and I each carry a small bottle in our backpacks and my bag.  My kids love those cute bottles with the colorful rubber dangling attachment so they can attach the hand sanitizer to their bags.  As soon as we get into our vehicle, it’s hand sanitizer time.  Same goes for before we eat if we are out and about without sink and soap access.

4. Go easy when someone gets sick.  When one of the kids (or yikes, more than one at a time) gets sick, I scale back on activities, particularly public pool time, for whoever is sick, and keep travel days a bit more laid back.

5.  Keep the cupboard or first aid kit stocked.  It’s easy to travel prepared when you’re in a motorhome or have your own vehicle.  When it’s just you and your child with backpacks (and/or a rental vehicle or other transportation), you can still squeeze in the essentials. When we’re on the road, I like to bring a certain amount of basics, like band-aids and wound care items such as Neosporin.  I also pack kids’ Ibuprofen for unexpected pains and fevers.

6.  Healthy Mom, Happy Mom.  When I’m traveling solo with the kids, I’ve learned that if I don’t take care of myself–get enough sleep, eat well, and sneak in alone time (Redbox movie night for the kids, quiet time in the motorhome bedroom for me), I’m not my usual happy-go-lucky self.  When I take care of myself, I feel better…and a healthy mom is a happy mom!

Happy Wandering!


* * * * What is your best tip for keeping your kids healthy while on the road? * * * *





Blog RV'ing 50 States USA

Summer School Redefined

July 30, 2015

A trip to Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota wasn’t originally on the 50 States Tour RV Must-Stop-At List.  However, a bit of extra free time in our schedule gave us a couple of extra hours to squeeze in the drive.

Given our culture’s hyper consumerism fixation, it only seemed appropriate to make a stop at #MOA.  Sure, Mall of America would make for a great cultural and economic summer school study/lesson, but we used our time for ‘fun education,’ opting for rides at the Nickelodeon Amusement park in the heart of America’s biggest mall (552+ stores).


Mall of America Stop on the Wanderschool Ultimate USA Road Trip.

We managed to arrive at the mall shortly after 5pm, giving us just a little over 2 hours to explore and play.  Not much time by shop-till-you-drop shoppers’ standards, but plenty of time to get a feel for the Mall of America scene.

After taking in the rides, we caught dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.  Lucky us (or not-so-lucky us, depending on how you look at it), a series of kitchen food issues and mix-ups resulted in dinner on the house…Free…gratis!  Thanks to Hard Rock Cafe’s awesome Manager, Forrest (and our outgoing server who apologized profusely), we scored a free dinner without even asking for anything or complaining about the issues.  The manager took the initiative to address our dining experience without us even needing to talk about our disappointing experience–he totally put himself in our shoes! Sweet, huh?  I think we spent enough in the gift shop afterwards, giddy over our free dinner, to call it a wash in the end, though.

After the mall excursion, we checked into a KOA RV Park not far away.  The kids wanted to try a bucklist “Walmart” Boondock, but my wish for a hot shower after a long day of driving and sightseeing won.  Sometime….

Happy Wandering!