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Homeschooling & Worldschooling Iceland

If you’ve ever dreamed about taking your kids to a place that they’ll remember forever, Iceland is the place.

My four children and I have been to Iceland more than once. One of our most memorable visits was during the Month of December, shortly before Christmas.

Iceland is the Ultimate Classroom for Homeschoolers

Iceland offers so much for children and homeschoolers to see, learn, and discover.

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10 Things Children Can See or Learn About in Iceland

Worldschooling in Iceland.

1. The Northern Lights, also known as aurora polaris

Wondering what these are or why they are so amazing to see in Iceland? This may help. What are the Northern Lights.

2. The Vikings

Iceland is loaded with viking and Norse history. The Viking World Museum, with its viking ship replica, in Njarðvík, Iceland, is definitely worth a visit. My kids have been there twice. They love this museum.

3. Volcanos and Plate Tectonics

Iceland is the perfect place to soak up science, especially when it comes to learning about the Earth, Volcanos, and plate tectonics. After all, two continental plates meet up here. To help kids learn, don’t miss a stop at Thingvellir National Park, where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet and where they’re visible.

4. Hotsprings and Geothermal Activity

There’s more than just the Blue Lagoon to check out when it comes to hotsprings and learning about geothermal heat in Iceland. Don’t miss the many natural hotsprings and off-the-beaten path hotsprings.

5. An Abandoned Plane and Black Beaches

Hike out and see the epic navy plane wreck in Sólheimasandur, that maybe you’ve seen featured in magazines and Instagram. Tons of history here with a sci-fi vibe. While you’re there, teach your kids about Iceland’s famous black beaches.

6. Go Horseback Riding and Learn about Icelandic Ponies

Iceland is famous for its Icelandic Ponies. Learn about the ponies and maybe take an unforgettable family horseback ride.

7. Hike up a volcano

What better way to learn and talk about volcanoes in Iceland than to hike up one? Esja, a volcanic mountain range, right outside of Reykjavík is the perfect place for a hike with the kids.

8. Check Out the Waterfalls

Iceland’s waterfalls are mind blowing and so beautiful. They also make the perfect backdrop to teaching your children about waterfalls, watersheds, clean water, and water preservation.

9. See Active Fumaroles

If you go to Iceland, check out the famarole fields. But don’t get too close. Who knows, you might not get a chance to see anything else like this unless you go maybe to Yosemite National Park in the United States.

10. Learn About Whales and Puffins

Kick your homeschool science lessons up a notch (or ten) and learn about whales on a whale watching tour or look for Puffins (typically April to September).

Iceland is a Perfect Homeschool Classroom

A trip to Iceland makes a terrific homeschool classroom. What better way for children to learn than to learn in real-time and up close by worldschooling Iceland.

Planning a trip to Iceland? Dreaming about homeschooling your kids and taking them to Iceland? Hoping to add Iceland to your Worldschool lifestyle? Drop a comment and tell me about it.

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