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10 Must read books if you are thinking about homeschooling

Must reads for anyone thinking about homeschooling, or curious about school alternatives.

best travel gear of 2021

Some of my favorite things for travel & adventure.


Wanderlust Phone Wallpaper Design

Wanderlust Phone Wallpaper for all of you #wanderlust #freespirit #borntotravel #jetsetlife #yolo souls. I made something to inspire you when you look at your phone. A Free Beautiful Wanderlust Phone…
create a travel vision board

How to Create a Travel Vision Board

Whenever I hear the term “vision board,” I imagine my 8th grade self sitting on my bedroom floor cutting out magazine photographs and inspiring articles. Later, I’d hang the cutouts…

10 Tips for Winter Hiking with Kids

Winter Hiking with Kids may sound daunting, but these 10 Tips for Winter Hiking with Kids will maximize the chances that you’ll have a positive experience. Kids love snow and…

create a freedom lifestyle

Guide to the RV - Camper van lifestyle

Live the travel lifestyle, camp for free or nearly free

Work Anywhere & Digital nomad Living

Flexible work, telework, work from anywhere, side hustles

How to afford the travel lifestyle

Creative ways to finance the travel lifestyle

homeschooling on the Go & Child-led learning

unschooling, homeschooling, roadschooling, worldschooling, coffeeshopschooling

Travel Lifestyle + Homeschooling, Approaches, Resources

how to start a blog

A guide to starting your own blog, make money anywhere

how to live abroad

Helpful ideas on how to live, work, or study abroad