best rainy day activities and indoor destinations in chamonix france

Top Rainy Day Activities in Chamonix – Indoors, Inside

The Best Rainy Day Activities – Chamonix, Mont-Blanc Valley

Rainy days may not seem ideal in an outdoor paradise like Chamonix, France, however, the rain doesn’t have to stop or slow down the fun or adventure!

If rain is in the forecast, don’t worry. Chamonix is still fun in the rain! This guide will help you plan inside, indoor rainy day activities in and around Chamonix, even at the last minute.

And, if you’re taking a trip to Chamonix and you prefer or someone you’re traveling with prefers inside adventure to outdoor play, you’ll definitely want to keep reading here. This guide surely has indoor entertainment ideas for you!

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Rainy day ideas and inside activities in chamonix
Learning French online, while sipping a Latte in a quiet corner at PlanB on a rainy day in Chamonix, France.

What to do in Chamonix when it’s raining?

If you’re looking for rainy day ideas in Chamonix, this list is for you. It contains Les meilleures activités pour les jours de pluie Chamonix. That’s French for…the best activities for rainy days.

Blogger’s note: Just for fun, I actually wrote this post in Chamonix. On a rainy day. 😉

Read this Rainy Day Activities Guide if You are…

☂ Wondering what to do in Chamonix, France when it’s raining outside and you’re looking to stay dry

☂ Looking for rainy-day activity ideas or places to take the kids (or grownups!) to stay busy indoors

🌂 Hoping to find an alternative to all of the incredible outdoor sports Chamonix offers, like skiing, hiking, or trail running? Looking for a quiet, low-key spot to pass as an alternative to the bustle of Chamonix Center

☂ Wanting to do something BESIDES play or be outside in Chamonix

☂ Needing to get out of your hotel room, AirBNB, or wanting a little break to call your own

🌂 Feeling tired and wanting to do something low key

☂ Looking for a change of pace or rhythm while in your Chamonix destination

If any of these sound like you or describe your situation, don’t stop reading yet! This best rainy day activity guide for Chamonix (and the Chamonix-Mont Blanc Valley) has got you covered!

The Inside, Indoors Rainy Day Guide to Chamonix

Are you ready for the list? Well, here you go!

Honestly, after reading this list, you might actually WISH for a rainy day.

Bowling at PlanB in Chamonix.

What to Do in Chamonix

1. PlanB.

PlanB in Chamonix Sud is one of the best kept secrets. Well, until now, right?

Located a short walk from the bustle of Chamonix Centre, my four teens/tween and I love hanging out in Chamonix’s PlanB on rainy days and when we need to get out of the sun. You’ll find some of the friendliest staff anywhere in Chamonix at PlanB (maybe in the whole of France, actually). Seriously, this is a must visit on a rainy day in Chamonix!

You’ll find a bowling alley, a pool table, foosball table, arcade games, board games, and chess. You’ll also find an ever-changing activity and entertainment agenda, like game night. PlanB features “zone” seating areas, around a center bar, which include comfy couches, bench seats, “picnic styled” tables and round tables. PlanB features an all-day snack buffet, dinner menu, and extensive drink possibilities.

Most importantly, especially if you’re a digital nomad or worldschooling family like us, you’ll find fast, free Wifi, food, drinks, and sparkling clean bathrooms, so you can plant yourself for a bit.

What the Kids will Love: Honestly, everything! Grab one of the jumbo-sized hot dogs, hot chocolate with chantilly (whipped-cream) or marshmallows, and some bowling tolkens, and you’re kid will be set for (almost) LIFE. 😉

What the Grown Ups with Love: Honestly, everything. Atmosphere. Friendly, kid-friendly staff. Awesome music, including classic 80s & 90s American hits. Grab a cheese board and mojito loaded with french mint, sit back, and relax while the kids play. You’ve found rainy-day paradise in Chamonix.

2. Médiathèque de Chamonix

Located next to the Chamonix track, you’ll find the entry to the Mediatheque de Chamonix – think library. If you’re someone who loves books and libraries, this one is worth a visit. It has some lovely collections, including stacks of beautiful photography mountain books and BDs (Bande dessinée, think graphic/comic books, which the French LOVE). The children’s room is large and the shelves are well-stocked; you’ll find a section with children’s movies and bilingual books, too, to help your littles learn French language skills.

What the Kids will Love: The children’s room located on the ground floor. Scheduled activities (pre-registration usually required).

What the Grown Ups with Love: It’s a free, quiet space! However, non-residents can purchase a temporary library card that allows you to borrow books or DVDS for a week. There is a generous sized collection of English books, including popular titles on the main floor.

best consignment stores chamonix mont blanc and beyond

3. Consignment Shopping

In Chamonix and in the surrounding area, you can find some funky consignment shops with local French style. Learn more about local consignment shops in the Best Consignment Shops in Chamonix – Mont Blanc and Beyond.

What the Kids will Love: Kids who love to shop, especially teens, will love making a pit stop at After Ski Atelier in Chamonix, where they will find high-quality, previously loved and trendy sports clothes and gear.

What the Grown Ups with Love: Grown Ups will love spending a rainy day discovering fun finds and French fashion at decent prices to take back home.

4. Cinéma Vox – Chamonix

If you love movies, catching one at the local cinema on a rainy day makes a great way to add fun to a day in the Chamonix-Mont Blanc area. Going to a French cinema is a different experience, especially if you are used to ice cold, freezing theaters, extremely loud sound systems, and huge popcorn stands.

If you don’t speak French, look for listings that indicate “VOST,” which means a film is shown in its original language. But even if you can’t find a film in your language, don’t hesitate to watch one in French. Even if you don’t understand the language, the experience of watching a film in French in France is totally worth it. ADVICE: if you’re really lacking in French, watch a kids’ flick or animated movie – it will be easier to follow and understand what’s going on.

DISCOVER MORE: If you’re looking for a brand new cinema in a cool looking building worth trying beyond Chamonix, check out Cine Cluses. Take the Chamonix train to Cluses on a rainy day and you’ll find the theater behind the station.

What the Kids will Love: Getting popcorn in a lidded tub at Cinema Vox in Chamonix. Non-French speaking children are sure to giggle about all of the French and the experience of watching a film in a different language.

What the Grown Ups with Love: Relaxing, downtime in the Center of Chamonix.

5. Hop in the Car and Explore the Valley.

Beyond Chamonix, there are some really cool and authentic Haute Savoie towns worth exploring not far from Chamonix. Check out the 7 Most Charming Towns in Haute Savoie and learn what you can do there.

What the Kids will Love: They will love checking out other places that look “different” than Chamonix and have a different vibe, such as Annecy, “little Venice in the Alps.”

What the Grown Ups with Love: There are some incredibly beautiful sights beyond the center of Chamonix to soak up. Certainly, anyone who loves road trips, and appreciates blasting music in the car while the windshield wipers swipe will appreciate exploring surrounding towns – and trying unique coffee shops, breweries and brasseries, and shops.

the best coffee experiences caffeine coffeshop in chamonix mont blanc arve valley france

6. Coffee Crawl

France has good coffee. And what better rainy day activity than going on your own coffee crawl. Grab an umbrella andd keep it local. Hop from coffee shop to coffee shop in Chamonix. Try the best of the best coffee shops and discover the Best Coffee Shop Experience in town.

What the Kids will Love: Kids will love trying chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) at different coffee shops, like at PlanB. As a mom of 4 who practically lives in coffee shops, trust me, no two coffee houses serve up the same hot chocolate: no two hot chocolates are created equally! 😉

What the Grown Ups with Love: Caffeine! And the joy of trying coffee and espresso beverages in France.

7. Indoor Rock Climbing – Escalade

Indoor climbing is a great rainy day activity. Additionally, it’s a good way to burn off stuck-inside energy and to get some exercise in.

You can find inside climbing at Centre Sportif Richard Bozon in Chamonix. As well, you might love checking out Mont Blanc Escalade in Les Houches (a quick drive, bike, or train ride away). If you love to experience different climbing gyms, and you’re in the mood for a mini-road trip, check out the Salle d’Escalade in the resort town of Megeve.

Note: Sanitaire Restrictions may be in place, so contact the climbing gym before you make plans to avoid any disappoint.

What the Kids will Love: Rock climbing, even inside, is super cool!

What the Grown Ups with Love: They get to move and have fun!

8. Indoor Swimming

Swim laps or play in the large indoor family pool Centre Sportif Richard Bozon. Located near the track in Chamonix, you’ll find indoor pools housed in the sports center. If you plan to be in town for a bit, consider purchasing a discounted admission pass.

What the Kids will Love: Playing and swimming in the large family pool.

What the Grown Ups will Love: Lap swimming and relaxing in the fun pool.

9. Studio Rusc

If you’re creative and love art, why not pass a rainy day making your own art in Chamonix? Studio Rusc is a creative space (atelier d’artiste) that offers art lessons, classes, and workshops. Love pottery? Then take a ceramic master class or enjoy open studio time. You’ll also find drawing, sculpture, painting, and photography opportunities, among others.

What the Kids will Love: Check out the schedule to discover children’s classes or camps. Or book a family art session.

What the Grown Ups will Love: Spending a day in a beautiful art space, surrounded by artists and creatives, and making an art piece to take back home.

Other Rainy Day Activities and Destinations

  • Chamonix’s Musée Alpin. Learn about the history of Chamonix and the Mont Blanc Valley, including Alpinism history. Free admission for those under 18 years old.
  • Escape Game Chamonix. If challenges are your thing, don’t miss trying your luck in an escape room adventure! Children are allowed, however, those under 18 years old, require at least one adult in the room.
  • Spa day. Chamonix is home to some fantastic spas. Treat yourself to a spa day and a relaxing massage!

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