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Where to Teach Online: Platforms for Digital Nomads

Where to Teach Online

Dreaming about starting a teaching career online that will allow you to work and live anywhere as a digital nomad?

Then keep reading here! You’re going to love this post.

It’s jam-packed with awesome resources that will jumpstart your teaching career or teaching business.

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I’m going to walk you through some of the popular online sites where you can teach, launch a teaching career, sell courses, and get paid for doing what you love.

Why Launch an Online Teaching Career or Teaching Biz

One of the silver linings of the pandemic is that teaching online has become a bigger business than ever! People realize they can actually learn online, and they appreciate the flexibility and variety of courses and options out there to realize their own dreams.

And one of the best parts of an online teaching career? Teaching online means you can potentially work and live anywhere! For example, imagine where you’d take your life and family if you could work anywhere, living the digital nomad life!

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But living the travel lifestyle is just ONE reason why a teaching career might be perfect for you! There are lots of other reasons to launch an online teaching business or sell courses online.

If you are passionate about teaching, here are some awesome reasons to consider teaching online:

Benefits of Teaching Online

  • Potential to work and live anywhere – location independent work!
  • Growing demand for on-demand and live online classes
  • Flexibility – set your own schedule, sell your own courses, work via your favorite teaching platforms
  • Money! – build a teaching career or business that allows you to maximize your income potential
  • Passive income! – enjoy passive income from online courses and related products, such as ebooks and digital products
  • Be your own boss – and ditch the 9-to-5
  • A career path compatible with digital nomad and full-time travel
  • It’s never too late to launch a career as an online teacher on midlife dream!

If you dream about living life as a digital nomad or traveling full-time with your family, and are looking to launch a business to support your dream…maybe it’s time to consider becoming an online teacher!

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Where You Can Teach Online: The Best Online Platforms for Teachers

If you love teaching or are passionate about the idea of creating your own business, you can create or find a teaching job online.

If you’re eager and determined, you can find teaching jobs or start your teaching career or business online… TODAY! Seriously. With these popular online teaching platforms and online teaching sites, you can sign up as a teacher or build your own course, which you can market and sell.

Now, about that list…

Find the Best Online Teaching Platforms, Teaching Jobs, and Teaching Opportunities

1. Outschool.

If you love teaching children, Outschool is a great pick for building an online teaching career and generating real income. Outschool is one of my favorite homeschooler resources, offering online learning opportunities, classes, camps, and clubs for homeschoolers and children.

Outschool teachers use Zoom to offer live, interactive classrooms, teaching children from around the world. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to classes here, so use your expertise or experience to design a cool class for children, whether that’s teaching a language class, how to tell time, stock market basics, yoga, or creating video gaming clubs.

2. Italki.

If teaching language is your thing, Italki is the place for you.

You can easily become a community tutor. Or, if you have a teaching credential, such as English as a Foreign Language certificate, elevate your earning and teaching potential.

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3. Vipkid.

If you want to teach English and enjoy teaching children, check out Vipkid. This innovative online platform connects fluent English speaking teachers with students from around the globe.

4. Your Own Website or Blog.

If you have your own website or blog, or want to launch a site, you can offer online courses or sell learning resources, such as ebooks, directly from your site. You can also create your own website or blog grow your online presence and drive traffic to your online platforms.

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5. Teachable

Launch your course or class on Teachable. You can try Teachable for Free. I personally think this is a really nice platform for a student user.

6. Udemy

If you want to teach and get paid for what you already know, then check out the popular teaching and learning platform, Udemy. The plus, you earn money every time a student buys your course and you get paid monthly. If making money while you sleep sounds appealing, consider selling courses here.

7. UTeach

UTeach is a platform that can help teachers build websites for the teaching process. If you want to check it out, UTeach offers a free 35 day trial.

side hustles and business ideas work from anywhere

8. Tutor

If tutoring students is your thing, you might check out Tutor, a Princeton Review service, that vets tutors and offers tutoring in academic subjects.

9. BuddySchool

Another online tutoring platform, BuddySchool is another place where aspiring teachers and experienced teachers or tutors can grow a teaching career.

10. SkillShare

On its website, SkillShare says its top teachers make six-figures each year. You can teach classes on this platform and enjoy support to help you create classes that get noticed.

11. Teachaway

You can search for online teaching jobs at Teachaway. Search by job category, as well as learn about teaching certification programs.

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where to teach online and live the travel lifestyle as a digital nomad

If you are considering teaching online or have launched your teaching biz, I’d love to hear from you. What are you teaching? Where have you found success teaching online? Drop a comment below.

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    These are great resources to have. I have taught online for the past year and a half first through VIPKid, Dada, and Cambly and now I work on my own through referrals. This is an amazing way to start the process of teaching online though.

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