FREE COVID-19 Printable Time Capsule Journal for Teens, Older Students

There are many COVID-19 Time Capsule printables and projects floating around the Internet for young children. Two of my younger children have enjoyed coloring and completing time capsule pages, but so my older teens didn’t feel left out of the time capsule fun, I created a COVID-19 Time Capsule for them to call their own.

This FREE Time Capsule Printable is a bit more relatable for teens, with fewer cutesy pictures aimed at the younger crowd, and includes a few inspirational quotes by famous celebrities.

When I was a new mom, I was told often to write down memories so I wouldn’t forget them. Of course, I thought I’d remember everything. And…of course, I don’t.

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Now, I really understand and appreciate the value of writing down little and not so little moments, like those little slices of life and things like what’s happening right now during the pandemic. The value of written keepsakes or finding them tucked away in a drawer is priceless–special reflections of life.

So, I hope you and your teen, older students, or college kids (homeschooling, unschooling, or not) enjoy the pleasant distraction that comes with completing the Time Capsule Journal and the future memories to come.

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