Treasure Trove, Links of the Week: How Much Do You REALLY Know About Unschooling

If there’s a silver lining to the current crisis, it’s that the world is buzzing with homeschool news. This week’s Treasure Trove is filled with posts about Unschooling. I’m convinced that some major educational gifts and some funky, creative new ways of thinking about schooling are going to come out of this pandemic.

And Don’t Miss…

If you didn’t catch this post about socialization, it’s worth a peek. Somehow, homeschooler socialization is the topic that never goes away and it’s BAAAAAAACK and a well alive topic in this period of social distancing. Why You Are Wasting Your Time Worry About Homeschooling and Socialization (Wanderschool, April 7, 2020).

Just for Fun

POP QUIZ: What’s Your Homeschool Style?

Book of the Week

This week I’m reading Trevor Noah’s Book Born a Crime. A nurse who grew up unschooled highly recommended the book during an office visit. She explained that unschooling wasn’t a thing yet when she was growing up; she just understood that she was unregistered in any school system. She spent her childhood traveling the world, and living in Africa for many years with her missionary parents. Trevor Noah’s book she said is worth reading for anyone interested in learning through experience, culture, travel, and communication. So far, I can’t put it down.

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