Summer School Redefined

A trip to Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota wasn’t originally on the 50 States Tour RV Must-Stop-At List.  However, a bit of extra free time in our schedule gave us a couple of extra hours to squeeze in the drive.

Given our culture’s hyper consumerism fixation, it only seemed appropriate to make a stop at #MOA.  Sure, Mall of America would make for a great cultural and economic summer school study/lesson, but we used our time for ‘fun education,’ opting for rides at the Nickelodeon Amusement park in the heart of America’s biggest mall (552+ stores).


Mall of America Stop on the Wanderschool Ultimate USA Road Trip.

We managed to arrive at the mall shortly after 5pm, giving us just a little over 2 hours to explore and play.  Not much time by shop-till-you-drop shoppers’ standards, but plenty of time to get a feel for the Mall of America scene.

After taking in the rides, we caught dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.  Lucky us (or not-so-lucky us, depending on how you look at it), a series of kitchen food issues and mix-ups resulted in dinner on the house…Free…gratis!  Thanks to Hard Rock Cafe’s awesome Manager, Forrest (and our outgoing server who apologized profusely), we scored a free dinner without even asking for anything or complaining about the issues.  The manager took the initiative to address our dining experience without us even needing to talk about our disappointing experience–he totally put himself in our shoes! Sweet, huh?  I think we spent enough in the gift shop afterwards, giddy over our free dinner, to call it a wash in the end, though.

After the mall excursion, we checked into a KOA RV Park not far away.  The kids wanted to try a bucklist “Walmart” Boondock, but my wish for a hot shower after a long day of driving and sightseeing won.  Sometime….

Happy Wandering!




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