Free Range, Organic Homeschooling Kids: Maple Syrup Making

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One of the things we appreciate most about country living and homeschooling is maple sugaring as a family.  Last year, we did not pull out the sap buckets due to some heartbreaking family circumstances and travel.  This year, we planned to miss making maple syrup due to the launch of our big RV tour–and the only complaint I’ve heard from the kids about our travel plans. However, as luck would have it, an unexpected and sad (but with a very happy ending) family emergency brought us home in time to hang our backyard sap buckets.

Wanderschool Free Range Kids

Wander baby boy, who really is no longer a baby, checks out the sap bucket to see if it has yet collected any maple sap.

Although we typically have a small set-up, only 25 sap buckets and a small run of line, that produces enough maple syrup for our favorite syrup uses during the year–lots of crepes, pancakes, homemade bread, and maple infused salad dressings–our production will be even smaller this year, given we’ll have a limited window to collect sap, boil it, and bottle it before hitting the great wide open.

If we can produce even a little bit of my favorite Fancy grade maple syrup from 8 sap buckets for gluten free pancakes, I’ll be a happy camper.  Pun totally intended.

Happy Wandering!  Happy Homeschooling!







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