Signs You’re Homeschooling the Right Way

The Homeschooling The Right Way Signs

How do you know if you’re homeschooling the right way?

I’m the homesschooling mom. If there’s one thing I didn’t expect about adding this identity to motherhood, it was (and remains) how easy it can be to doubt yourself.

Homeschooling is hard at times. There’s a lot at stake. Like making sure your kids know enough when they leave the nest. So that they get a job, keep a job, and love their life.

Sure, sometimes homeschooling is a piece of cake. But it’s not without challenges.

Whether you are new to homeschooling, thinking about homeschooling, or you’ve been at it a while, keep reading here.

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homeschooling the right way

How Do I Know If I’m Homeschooling Right? Or enough?

Just when I get past a moment of doubt about homeschooling, new doubts lurk in the wings waiting for the right moment to make an appearance.

Yes, it’s okay that my 5th grader isn’t an awesome speller yet. And yes, it’s okay that my 2nd grader doesn’t know what D.N.A. stands for (or whether Femur is a bone or a country). Really, it’s okay, I tell myself, even though the homeschooled elementary age kids down the road are already learning advanced biology from their mother.

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You Don’t Need to Know Everything or Get It All Right To Be a Great Homeschool Parent.

I know I’m far from perfect when it comes to homeschooling.  

I’ve come to be kinder to myself over the years along the homeschool journey. This includes dealing better with homeschool insecurities and anxieties when they pop up.

I’ve come to better identify that my ‘right’ way of doing something for my family, for my kids, and for me, is uniquely my own.  My family’s homeschool journey is our own. My children’s education is their own. And I know my kids and their learning styles best.

Comparing Yourself To Other Homeschool Parents Doesn’t Help

Comparing or keeping up with the homeschooled Jones’ is like comparing apples and oranges chocolate.  

I know that I can’t necessarily look to (or depend on) others for signs or cues that I’m doing something right. Rather, measuring myself or my kids to other homeschooling moms or children is only a recipe for doubt.

Instead, I’ve learned to pay attention to the positives. To the signs that I’m doing something right. That I’m doing enough as a homeschool parent.

My Signs: That I’m Doing Something Right

I do know I’m doing something ‘right’ when my kids tell me that they much prefer a particular nature park in Europe to the human design of Disney World theme parks in Florida. I’m know I’m doing something ‘right’ because they’ve discovered how natural beauty resonates within themselves.  

I also know I’m doing the homeschool thing okay when my homeschoolers walk into a rural New England library and recognize a copy of artwork they’ve seen hanging in the Louvre.

And I also know I’m doing something ‘right’ when I drive down the road and my kids notice how beautiful the landscape is around them. For example, like that time we drove through New Hampshire’s Franconia Notch and they were mesmerized by the natural formation of the notch.

homeschooling right way

When My Kids Want Down Time

I also know I’m doing something right as a homeschool parent when my kids express the need for downtime. And I listen. That might be in the form of playing video games, playing outside, or staying up late to watch a movie.

My signs that I’m doing something right are before me 24 hours a day/7 days a week (though the signs are quietest when they are sleeping soundly!).  When in doubt, all I really need to do is look around and take it all in–just like they are doing, beautifully.

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