Stabilizing the Destabilizing Effect of Extended Family Travel Planning

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I’m scheming, researching, planning and mega overthinking our next Wanderschool adventure.  It’s going to be good. Fabulous, hopefully, if and when it all comes together. I’m over-the-moon excited.  I can’t wait to spill the beans.

With planning extensive travel, however, I’ve come to know what, for lack of a better description, seems to be a very real, though usually short-lived, destabilizing effect–an anxiety of sorts that emerges with the reality that “we’re really going to do this crazy travel plan!” Lingering from somewhere behind all the exhilaration, out pops the sudden realization that I’ll soon be packing my backpack, running/workout clothes, cute shoes, books, clothes, and gear for the kids, and toiletries, and saying goodbye to home and everything familiar for a period of time.

Trading in the familiar–routine, faces, family, friends, for the unfamiliar, open world is exciting, adventurous, and enlightening.  When you do it enough, there emerges a strange familiarity, even comfort, with the destabilizing reality of not knowing what you’re really getting yourself into.  But when that destabilizing feeling emerges, as if it were the first time, it is nevertheless unsettling.  Even scary.

But, then, the travel adventure starts and the destabilizing effect is no longer.

Ahh, I feel much better.   No one ever said leaving the comfort zone is easy.  But the adventurous magic that awaits is priceless.  Thanks for the vent.  It’s all good.  Back to planning….


Photo Credit:  Foodies love Fitness.

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