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20+ Side Hustle Ideas for Making More Money So You Can Travel with Your Family or Live a Travel Lifestyle

April 12, 2018

A side hustle could be exactly what you need to literally getting on the road for solo or family adventure.  A side job or business idea can help you pay down or pay off debt. It can also be the source of income that fills a travel savings piggy bank.  A side hustle could also be that job, project, or business that ultimately turns into a full-time gig that allows you to quit your day job and spend your days doing what you dream about now.

Who doesn’t want extra income?  Benefits of a side hustle:

*Pay down / Pay off debt
*Creative outlet that let’s you focus on something you enjoy while making additional $
*Scale back your day job commitment or retire sooner
*Save for travel adventures
*Design a lifestyle around the hustle that allows for a full-time travel lifestyle, slow travel, or flexible living
*Create a life where you can live on your own terms

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20+ Side Hustles to Make Extra Money So You Can Travel or Live a Travel Lifestyle

Swoop up your side hustle niche on Instagram and Social Media.  Start on your side hustle today!  Launch an Instagram profile and start filling it with captioned images of your side hustle. Want to start a side business as a photographer? Want to become a life coach or start a mobile RV repair business? Use Instagram and other social media platforms to start showcasing your work and services. Caption your work, promote it, and build a following of potential clients and fans.

Build a blog.  Even in our limited attention span world, blogs are still relevant. A blog is incredibly important for launching and growing your side hustle. A blog gives you a place on the Internet to promote what you do, to build a following, and to showcase what you do or offer.

Sell on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Classified Groups or Instagram. This is a great way to declutter your home as you prepare for a life of future travel. You can also step it up a notch and turn reselling into a lucrative gig. Some benefit by creating a specific niche, such as selling designer clothes, specific brands, or specialize in products, such as a niche seller of sleeping bag liners or reseller of limited edition running clothing. I know one woman who maintains her eBay and Instagram shops around her kid’s daily schedule, checking in via iPhone on orders and posting new products on the go.

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Naughty Airlines, Shame on You for Cashing in On Seat Fees and Forcing Families To Sit Apart

April 28, 2016

Last year, the kids and I checked the Contiguous 48 States off of our travel bucket list when we road tripped around the USA in our 31-foot Motorhome.  With two States left to tackle, Hawaii and Alaska, I was psyched to recently find a rock bottom flight deal on Air Canada for our family of six (including hubby this time around, YAY!).

I was thrilled, as in over-the-moon excited, to have found the deal, which would save us two thousand dollars over another major airline carrier’s best offering.  The itinerary was pretty close to perfect, too, with reasonable layovers and plane changes for the kids.  I was even more excited because in my pre-mamahood days, Air Canada (AC) was my airline of choice and it had been several years since I had last flown on AC.

I bought the tickets.flight

My credit card was charged.

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Walmart Boondock

August 19, 2015

We did it!  Walmart Boondock. Done. Check. Oh, yeah!

Another bucketlist item checked off!



It’s pretty amazing how things unfold sometimes.  I’ve wanted to boondock, a.k.a. dry camp, at Walmart, but it took me months of Rv’ing to finally do it.  In my mind, bucketlist achievement of boondocking at Walmart would represent the “New” American Dream:  the full-time work-travel lifestyle…wherever, whenever.

A combination of not being able to find a campsite in Denver, needing to fill-up on gas, wanting to grab a latte at Starbucks, and spotting a kids’ dentist (one kid had a toothache) all within a matter of feet apart sealed the deal on overnighting at Walmart.

Walmart is far from one of my favorite places, but I found a fancy schmancy Walmart in the Denver suburbs and set up camp for the night.  A freshly paved lot, nice landscaping, and good lighting.  Oh, and a very friendly store manager who said it was fine to camp overnight and encouraged me to shop at the 24 hour Walmart as long and as many times as I wanted during my overnight boondocking extravaganza!

The kids want to boondock at Walmart again.  They think it’s a “way better and cooler” experience than staying at a K.O.A. or typical RV park.  Plus, it’s free.  I wouldn’t be surprised if my kids are thinking about this from a strictly economics point of view:  Free Boondocking at Walmart means Mom can spend cash that might have otherwise been used at a campsite on Barbies and Legos at Walmart.

Quite honestly, Walmart’s policy that allows overnight boondocking (although not all stores allow it) makes me like the store more.  I like knowing that a store values its customers.  RV overnight parking is one way Walmart seems to show that it likes RV customers–who undoubtedly buy lots of stuff, like food, Barbies, and Legos, whenever they park for an overnight.