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MoMA: Why My Homeschoolers and I Love New York’s Museum of Modern Art

October 10, 2014

I had wanted to bring my kids to New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for quite a long time, but it wasn’t until my 7-year old insisted on going to MoMA that it became a priority. She said, “Mom, I Googled a museum that we have to go to.  It has to be a good one because it’s named after you, MoMA.  At first I thought it was in Paris, but Google says it’s in New York!”

MoMA is indeed a good one.

5 Reasons Why MoMA is a great museum for homeschoolers.

1.  It’s the perfect museum to visit if you don’t think you’re all that into art or museums, or are just diving into art with your homeschoolers.  There are some amazing works of art here, with terrific, easy-to-read, clear descriptions posted next to the displays.  Not all museums take the time to go into so much clear, descriptive detail.  My young homeschoolers could read about the artist or art (usually) without my help.  That’s a plus in my book.

FullSizeRender (2)

2.  Super Convenient location.  MoMA is near the popular, touristy stuff in midtown and easily accessible by subway.  Less walking to the museum means little legs will last longer in the museum.

3.  Kids under 16 are free.  A nice perk.  If you go mid-day when school is in session, your kids may just be among the few, if not only children, there.  I don’t remember seeing any kids, besides mine, of course, there! MoMA also offers classes for kids and teens, even free classes for NYC teens.

4.  Amazing art displays!  My kids were pysched to see work from Vincent Van Gogh, especially Starry Night, and Salvador Dali.  After seeing Dali’s work in the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain, they love to see his work.  We were thrilled to find  his Persistence of Memory in New York!  I was most thrilled to find Andrew Wyeth’s Christina on the fifth floor of the museum.  It was a total surprise! I didn’t realize it was at MoMA.  My preschooler was excited to see a helicopter and jeep on display.  Most exciting of all though, my homeschoolers LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Minecraft display.  Totally M-E-S-M-E-R-I-Z-E-D!

5.  Friendly staff.  The docents/guards/staff were nice and patient with the kids, and  they didn’t seem too anxious about having a preschooler in the mix.  One guy took the time to explain a sculpture to my son.  Some ladies at an information desk encouraged my kids to collect all the “kid cards” and find the works of art in the museum (a scavenger hunt of sorts).

MoMA is definitely a great museum pick for homeschoolers visiting or living in the Big Apple!


Homeschool Afternoon on the Town: Watching the Presidential Motorcade Roll Through New York City

October 8, 2014

When I saw the street gates/barricades go up along Church Street, I suspected something was up. After checking out Tribeca Citizen and the President’s Schedule (didn’t realize until I Googled it, that the White House posts daily details of the President’s schedule online), I learned The President was scheduled to make a couple of fundraiser appearances in the Big Apple.

The kids and I decided to make an afternoon of the excitement. After all, it’s not everyday you get to see the Presidential Motorcade roll past you.

We first grabbed cupcakes at Billy’s Bakery at 75 Franklin Street in Tribeca. A sweet shop, delicately decorated in warm yellow with original skinny board wood floors. Pretty and Yummmmmm. Well, actually, they didn’t have any gluten free cupcakes available (only cookies) so I didn’t get the chance to share in the sweetness, but the kids loved their cupcakes and they looked delicious! We found a window bench near West Broadway to sit and enjoy the cupcakes while we waited to catch a glimpse of the President.

cupcake _ franklin tribeca

Finally, the motorcade roared by! My oldest homeschooler was most thrilled, jumping up and down, “I saw him, I saw him!”

president homeschool nyc west broadway

Later in the day, presumably after President Obama enjoyed his swanky gathering at a Tribeca Restaurant, we had another unexpected sighting of his motorcade while hanging out next to the Tennis Courts at Washington Market Park.

president homeschool nyc

Super cool–and perfect foder for homeschool bedtime journal writing!

Happy Wandering! Happy Homeschooling!


Ikea Brooklyn Ferry-Schooling

October 7, 2014

Hmm… There’s roadschooling, worldschooling, wanderschooling, but what about Ferry Schooling en route to Ikea?

The kids and I took a trip to Ikea Brooklyn via Wall’s Street Pier 11 Water taxi.  We caught the first ferry of the day, but didn’t make it home until almost dinner time.  That’s what Ikea does to you–sucks you in easily for a whole day experience.  Here’s an illustration:  One of my kids asked, “Mom, remember that day when we had breakfast, lunch and dinner–and dessert–at Ikea?”  Yep, it actually happened one day last year when we spent the day outfitting our city digs.

ikea homeschool 2

Memorables of the day:

1.  Accidentally mistook a woman for a grandmother in line behind me at the ferry–asked her if she was spending the day with her three young grandchildren and daughter.  Oops, my bad. The grandchildren were her children and the daughter was her babysitter.  I’ve been mistaken for my kids’ nanny a number of times, so I really felt bad.

2.  The kids spent the entire, although short, ferry ride playing minecraft.  The only one to notice the boat passing the Statue of Liberty was my four year old–who quickly resumed interest in the older siblings’ technology screens.


photo credit:

3.  The checkout line extended to the warehouse entrance.  Wow, this wasn’t even Black Friday or holiday shopping time yet!

4.  We got back on the Ferry seamlessly in the late afternoon–and the kids’ quickly resumed their Minecraft addiction, again not noticing (not even the four year old) the passing of the Statue of Liberty, the bridges or the city on the return.

5.   Carrying a 6-pack of gluten-filled Ikea Cinnamon buns through the Financial District on the way back to our apartment.  Overheard a few ohs, ahs and yummms when walking past people on the street.


I already can’t wait for the next Ikea trip.

Happy Wandering!  Happy Homeschooling!