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20+ Side Hustle Ideas for Making More Money So You Can Travel with Your Family or Live a Travel Lifestyle

April 12, 2018

A side hustle could be exactly what you need to literally getting on the road for solo or family adventure.  A side job or business idea can help you pay down or pay off debt. It can also be the source of income that fills a travel savings piggy bank.  A side hustle could also be that job, project, or business that ultimately turns into a full-time gig that allows you to quit your day job and spend your days doing what you dream about now.

Who doesn’t want extra income?  Benefits of a side hustle:

*Pay down / Pay off debt
*Creative outlet that let’s you focus on something you enjoy while making additional $
*Scale back your day job commitment or retire sooner
*Save for travel adventures
*Design a lifestyle around the hustle that allows for a full-time travel lifestyle, slow travel, or flexible living
*Create a life where you can live on your own terms

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20+ Side Hustles to Make Extra Money So You Can Travel or Live a Travel Lifestyle

Swoop up your side hustle niche on Instagram and Social Media.  Start on your side hustle today!  Launch an Instagram profile and start filling it with captioned images of your side hustle. Want to start a side business as a photographer? Want to become a life coach or start a mobile RV repair business? Use Instagram and other social media platforms to start showcasing your work and services. Caption your work, promote it, and build a following of potential clients and fans.

Build a blog.  Even in our limited attention span world, blogs are still relevant. A blog is incredibly important for launching and growing your side hustle. A blog gives you a place on the Internet to promote what you do, to build a following, and to showcase what you do or offer.

Sell on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Classified Groups or Instagram. This is a great way to declutter your home as you prepare for a life of future travel. You can also step it up a notch and turn reselling into a lucrative gig. Some benefit by creating a specific niche, such as selling designer clothes, specific brands, or specialize in products, such as a niche seller of sleeping bag liners or reseller of limited edition running clothing. I know one woman who maintains her eBay and Instagram shops around her kid’s daily schedule, checking in via iPhone on orders and posting new products on the go.

Sell on Etsy.  If you are the creative type, selling your own product on Etsy could be a great option for extra income. It could also become your main source of income. What started out as a hobby and way to try to make $100 a week, turned into a $70,000 month gig for one California woman. Don’t think you have skills?  Can you paint or stencil signs?  Can you knit or crochet? Can you sew?  Do you have woodworking or carpentry skills? Do you know how to do graphic design and design logos?  There are so many creative possibilities to turn your talents into cash.

Apply for a part-time job.  A part-time job working for someone else is a good way to send a bit more cash your way. Sure, you may not have as much free time or flexibility as you’d like now, but a part-time job could be the ticket to paying down debt or building skills that will help you launch a business or land you the next better paying gig that will get you the lifestyle you seek.

Fiverr.  ‘Don’t just dream, do.’  If you have digital skills or are creative in digital deliverables, Fiverr can be an awesome way to generate a revenue stream that requires flexible commitment depending on your availability and schedule.  I’ve made a number of purchases from Fiverr businesses over the years; there are some incredibly responsive and creative people on Fiverr.

Get Paid to Blog.  Businesses, brands, companies, schools, individuals, and more need bloggers. There are legit gigs that will actually pay you to blog, some are actually quite lucrative. I found one of my favorite blogging gigs of all time on Craigslist once–just be mindful that not all gigs are legit, so you need to be cautious when you are screening opportunities.

Become a Freelance Writer.  You can get paid to write online, as well as in print magazines and publications.  Publications continuously seek pitches, articles, and writers.  Keep in mind some freelance writing opportunities don’t pay a lot, but some pay very well.  Once you start publishing and build your library of writing clips, you’ll increase the chances of landing better paying writing assignments.

Teach online.  If you have subject area knowledge or generally love teaching, consider teaching online as a way of generating income. If you love kids for example, you might consider teaching at Outschool. My homeschoolers love taking classes here, including traditional and non-traditional subjects, like courses on bitcoin currency and psychology.  You might also try Udemy, where some part-time instructors make $1000+ a month.

Build Websites.  Are you a rockstar computer programmer? If not, brush up on your skills for free at sites like Codeacademy or Kahn Academy and launch your own website building business.

Get Paid to Do Surveys.  Yep, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. You can actually get paid to do online surveys. The key is ensuring your dealing with a reputable company.

Become a Coach.  Coaching services are all the rage these days.  Becoming a life coach, writing coach, health & fitness coach, running coach, nutrition coach, spiritual mentor, yoga coach–you dream it, you do it.

Become a Brand Ambassador.  Have a favorite brand?  Promote it.  Brands actively seek people like you, especially if you have a sizeable social media following.  For example, if you love running and have followers, you could generate extra cash by promoting products. Many brands have ambassador programs and all you have to do is apply to become one.

Write a book.  Can you write?  If so, write a book.  You can self-publish it or find a publisher.

Launch a mobile service.  If you’re looking to travel and be on the go, consider launching a mobile business.  Good with auto repairs? Consider a mobile RV repair business.  Love cleaning? Consider a motorhome cleanup or washing service.

Rent Out Your Home.  Have an extra bedroom? An extra apartment? A house?  Rent out your space while you build your travel funds or while you are away.

Become an Editor.  Edit others’ work.  You can find editing jobs online at sites like Craigslist or Flexjobs.

Shop for Other People.  There are lots of people who are too busy to shop for themselves or do things that some might consider ordinary. Launch a business or find work as a personal, in real life or virtually, assistant for someone. Help with tasks such as shopping, clerical work, running errands, and more.

Become an Uber or Lyft Driver.  If you love driving or have a vehicle, why not?  Become an uber or lyft driver, work when you want to, and pocket extra cash for the lifestyle you dream about.

Busk.  Assuming you’ve made sure it’s legal where you want to set up (in some places you need a permit or special permission), become a busker or street performer. Good at guitar? Open your case, start playing, put a smile on your face, and hope someone throws a dollar or more your way.

Don’t wait to start living the life you dream about! Come up with your plan and make it happen! 










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