Ultimate Roadschool, Homeschool USA Road Trip


Scientist Randy Olsen’s American Roadtrip Map.

The Wanderschool crew is getting excited for our Ultimate American Homeschool Roadtrip!  Though we don’t have plans to follow Scientist Randy Olsen’s algorithmic mapping, which recently went viral and reveals the best way to quickly visit the 48 contiguous states, we are nevertheless psyched for miles and miles and a few more miles of driving.

According to Olsen’s math, a non-stop driving route, that hits major destinations in the USA, would result in a 9.33 day route of 13,699 driving miles.

I think potty and “I’m soooooo hungry” breaks for 4 kids will easily add up to 9.33 days alone–not to mention the cummulative time of pit stops spent looking for “misplaced” pencils, journals, erasers, flipflop mates, and ipad chargers.   And somehow I suspect that we’ll drive an extra mile or two beyond 13,699.  🙂

Happy Wandering!  Happy Homeschooling!